What is the secret to living a long life?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Boomer, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Boomer

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    Just wondering what other people think here. Is the food killing us off sooner?

    My Grandfather died at age 88, he walked about every day to his favorite fishing hole or hunting place, during season. Every day he had beans, cornbread, fish or it seemed like it.

    My wife's aunt died at 106, and buried all her kids? I looked at the some of the things I had for dinner tonight, and 90% of it was unhealthy, fats, came out of can, and not very nutrious. I exercise pretty regular, lift weights and run almost every day, hoping to stretch out a few years.
  2. SweetSymphony672

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    I see what you mean, you see obese kids runnning around everywhere with something fattening clutched in their fingers, over here in England, we're supposedly getting all of our schools to eat healthily, whether it's working or not I don't know.

    All I can say is eat cod liver oil, my great aunt has it everyday in the morning and she's 89, still going!
    I eat healthily, I should eat more fruit but I'm a veggie person, I've turned my diet around, I never have fizzy stuff unless it's an occassion, I used to just have sugary things and would refuse veggies, but now I have them alot more and I'm glad I did!

    Oh and quit the smoking and booze is all I can say, never tried a cigarette and I'll never drink I know that !

  3. baitchunker

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    my great grandmother is turning 93 pretty soon. she is still in good enough shape to live alone. let me say that part again, ALONE.

    i dont know why anybody in thier right mind would want to live a long life. its just my opinion, but i would much rather live a satisfied life. which i am. i dont want it to stop anytime soon, but i would hate to stretch it out too far as well. all good things come to an end.

    might as well enjoy yourself.
  4. Boomer

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    I want to live that long for only one thing, Uncle Sam owes me Social Security and I want it all back........lol......

    I dont know if I want to live that long either. But I know people that are in their 80's that still kick it up at clubs. So there might be life after 50....
  5. zeboman

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    I would say eating right and exercise would get you a few more years , it will help you get around better that`s for sure. finding ways to relieve stress is also helpful.
  6. olefin

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    I believe in eating right and getting some daily exercise.
    We don't always eat right for we love to pig out now and then. Sometimes more now than then. But I've tried to jog or walk daily since 1975.

    My mother and dad did neither. They never exercise and eat what they wanted. They lived to an average age of 86.

    I though I was young when I was 50. Never thought about getting old until my father in law died. I always though of him being the old man in the family. After his death I began to feel old, that was 6 years ago.

    I hope I never live pass where my mind goes or I can't care for myself. What ever age that happens.
  7. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    My mother in law is 95 and still living alone. She has a person come in a couple times a week and help with the chores. She's bout 8 inches tall now.....I think it's proportional to how frigging mean and stubborn ya are.
  8. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    I heard once that for every hour you run, you gain an hour to live. Hmmm, let me get that straight. So, for every hour I waste running now, I gain an hour when I'm old an feeble laying in a bed somewhere? Not the best trade off in my book. LOL

    OH NO! It's too late for me? I guess this means goodbye.:wink:
  9. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Think all you have to do is be adamant that you will never go to a nursing home, and you'll live to be over a hundred and spend the last 20 years in a nursing home. LOL
  10. jagdoctor1

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    I just finished health class at the community college so here goes. Quitting smoking right now will decrease your chance of heart disease by 50 %. Smoking is linked to 25 diseases and at least 4 forms of cancer. Drinking alcohol in moderation which is less than 2 drinks per day can reduce your risk of heart disease. However long term alcohol use even in moderation causes brain shrinkage and reduced mental function. Liver diseases/failure is in the top 10 reasons for people dying in the US. Long term consumption is directly linked to liver failure. It is also linked to a few types of cancer and sexual dysfunctions. If Americans added 2 more servings of fruits and vegatables to their diets cancer rates could be reduced by 25%. The number one killer in america now is Coronary diseases it has passed cancer in the past few years. Adding more physical activity and eating less foods with trans and saturated fats can reduce your chance of coronary diseases by a large percentage I can't remember. Now read the last sentence again and get this. Coronary disease and diabetese are both directly linked to overweight and or obese conditions. Once again doctors are asking us to do something revolutionary here..... EAT RIGHT AND GET SOME EXCERCISE!
  11. Jerry60k

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    Chelyan, West V
    I for 1 dont buy into that coronary disease is brought on by obesity.Everyone I know who has had a heart attack or other heart problems has been active med to thin sized men.All of whom were hard workers.

    So its my beleif that hard work does in fact kill people :wink:
  12. metalman

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    Some of your longevity is genetic and some is lifestyle. I eat so healthy it's sickening and have done for years but my cholesterol is a problem.
    I would like to live a long life but only if I can do what makes me happy.
    As for losing my mental faculties:
    I think a couple of cyanide pills on the night stand would be the answer. When I'm so far gone I can't tell the difference between them and my "good" meds things will take care of themselves!!!!
  13. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    What is the secret to living a long life ?

    Eat healthy


    And don't talk back to your mother, LOL

  14. micus

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    Lake St. L
    Have old grandparents!
  15. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    My grandparent ate some type of pork, eggs, veg's, biscuits/corn bread, cooked with lard and had coffee every day of their lives. The only time they ever ran was when someone hollowed snake or they saw one. They both had high blood pressure and all of their blood reading were high. What they did to offset their eating habits was work like a trogan on their farm seven days a week. Granddad lived to be 89 and grandmother was 99 years 8 months+ when she died. Grandmother had little or no fat on her body and granddad was a tad plump. My father and mother in the last 20 to 30 years of their lives changed their eating habits for the better and they lived to be 75 (mother) and 89 (father), both excised by walking and did their gardening. My father had no fat to speak of on his body and my mother was a tad on the plump side.

    I think our genes have more to do with our longevity, than some of the abuses we place upon our bodies. Good genes you win, bad genes you take med's and lose.
  16. willcat

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    I think it doesnt matter, the older people who have passed lived more off the land than anything else, they were for the most part good wholesome, clean foods that they took care of themselves!!!:wink: Now we have preservatives, modern medicine(not homeade remedies that worked), and all of the pestcides & everything else that goes into the food preperation these days that they didnt have back then. Not to mention pollution wasn't a problem back then either, but then again that comes with the growth of the population & progress also... So just live life to the fullest, enjoy what you do, when your time comes your gone..nothing you can do about it except prolong it(if you want to do that, but why??) I dont want to be here too long, as for bringing a kid up in today's world that's hard enuff, and you will stress yourself out & die earlier than anticipated if you try to worry about what will be here in their future, or what they will have to endure when you are gone..That's why me & my wife decided not to have kids.......just my opinion on some things!!
  17. Dano

    Dano New Member

    All the above plus,
    keep the plumbing working right. Flowing but not out of control.:eek:oooh:

    Good health ins. helps too.:wink:

    I think the number one killer is stress. That or a car wreck will get me. :roll_eyes:
    Stress is the fire that is fed from all those other things that aint good for ya.
    Financial security helps lower stress. LOL.

    CATFISHING1 New Member

    its all in your genes. if you have a family history of heart problems most likely you will too.my family has just passed on from old age,all of them in thier 80 or 90 range.i do believe in the smokin thing (1 yr 8 mo free) to help you out.
  19. germanmudfish

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    Gray, GA
    make the stress go away. Follow the serenity prayer's advice. Find something to be happy about. I do not plan on sneaking up on death, I intend to slap him dead in the face and say "Hi!!!! Now let me get my hat.":wink: