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What is the difference between

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Clicking on NEW POSTandLAST 24 HOURS at the top when you log on??

The old site had the option of of 1/3/5 days,but after useing both of the new options,I still can't figure out the difference.
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I didn't see a difference, I just use new posts and get what I need. :)
If you click new posts, multiple times a day, you will see a BIG differance
O.K.,I'll bite.Whats the big difference?I don't always have the luxury of logging on multiple times a day.Usually just in early a.m. and late p.m.

Not trying to be a smartazz,I just know they bring up some of the same and some different.
last 24 hours will bring up posts that were posted in the previous 24 hours from the moment you push it. New posts are all the posts from when you last checked. So if it has been 2 hours since you last checked there may be 20-40 new posts whereas if you use the last 24 hours function, it will show about 175-200 posts.
What I liked about old site was, I could go into my profile and it had a list of the last few post I had made. I pretty much stay in the Gen area or H.I. area but now and then I go to the fishing and other areas and I forget sometimes where I posted. I did like being able to only see my last few post instead of everybodys.

Reason why I don't post a lot in the fishing area is because I haven't been able to fish much in the past couple of years due to cost and health. Cost is getting worse.
Dano, you can still see your previous posts by going across the top right to quick links and scrolling down to subscribed threads and bingo!
That doesn't show the last fe post I made. It doesn't show anything. Do I have to add folders or something. That may be a pain with my slow connection.
My connection has gotton super slow in the past couple of months. I'm on hold now with my ISP. I'm all most ready to end services cause I can't do anything on the net now days. My isp was bought out by a nation wide service and since then, they have been sorry. BOC is the site I vist 90% of the time. When I can't jump from thread to thread with timeing out etc. it gets under my skin a little. Heck my connection is so slow, I can't even edit a post if need be. Just a couiple of time I have been able to edit.
Anyway, I still can't see my last few post, but I can see everybodys. If they ever get our ISP service right, maybe I can check things out more.
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This is what it looks like. I think you may not be scrooling down far enough. I did that myself until someone told me.
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Well I just got off the phone with my ISP. They took me through some useless steps. They are blaming it on evacuees. LOL. phone lines are damage etc. I understand that but My problem has been going on for 3 months, since new CO took over. If this keeps up, I will have to find another way. This is just too slow. I am use too having more than one widow open when on BOC/internet.
I sure wish DTV would come down on price. It cost 399 for equipment and $65 a month, the last time I checked it out. I can't do that. LOL.
O' well I guess with a slow connection, I can't say much, therefore, keeping my foot out of mouth. LOL. :D
Dano, click on your name by any of your posts, it will bring up a drop down menu. One of the options is find all posts, click on it. They are listed from the most recent, so you can see the last few you made.
Thanks Griz. That is exactly what I was looking for. I though we had something like that someone on here. I saw that when this site first open. I guess I got a lot going on and had forgotten all about it.
Thanks for reminding me. That is a big help to me. :0a31:
loanwizard said:
Dano, you can still see your previous posts by going across the top right to quick links and scrolling down to subscribed threads and bingo!
hey loan you have to subscribe to the threads before you can see em like that bro lol i tried to go through it like you said and i didnt have any subscribed ones there .
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