What is the best weather 4 bass?

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by bigwig531, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. bigwig531

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    i am rather new to fishing and hunting, so i have alot to learn.

    i was bored the other day so i went after work, it was a little cold but i thought they would hit a top-water popper or jitterbug. i tryed everything, hula-popper, different color jitters, plastic worms, even night crawlers. got nothing, didnt even see a fish.
    my question is, are bass active in cold water and with what bait?
    hows about catfish are they active right now? i know a pond with hundred of albino channels you can see then on the edge of the dock moving about, for the life of me i cant catch them, have cast and waited 3 and 4 hours and got nothing, also lots of bluegill to steal the bait.

    all i can catch is kitty fish, i swear i caught one smaller then my pliars in my tackle box.
  2. Mickey

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    Kevin Welcome to the BOC.Fishing this time of year in your area the bass would probably relaate to a 3/8 oz black jig with a #11 Brown Uncle Josh pork frog on the hook.This is a starting place. In cold water think slow. The darker the water color the darker the bait.Good Luck

  3. CountryHart

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    I couldn't agree with Mickey more, slow it way way down when the water is cold. The crankbait "wiggle-warts",bite has been good in southern missouri for a couple weeks. Next thing up is rogue fishing if there is much of a shad die-off. All in all, i prefer a jig n pig as my favorite bait year round.
  4. bigwig531

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    this is very helpful i'll try these soon as i head back out to the water, i plan on doing just that tomorrow night.

    thanks guys.

    are kitty fish active this time of year? back in sumer i couldnt catch anything day or night.

  5. shania

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    San Leandro, Ca
    Hey Kevin,

    First of all :worship::0a25: to the B.O.C. (Your are going to just love it here). :big_smile:

    The fellows are right on the money with there info. (your going to get a lot of that here - "Good Information").

    Out here in California - for me the best time for Bass fishing, are in the Spring & Summer months. But this time of the year (no matter where you are) you have to fish "Deep & Slow". I use more jigs or live bait (Like Shad, Minnows or Nightcrawers) on the bottom during this time.

    I think that Ba$$ like warm water & cover and that to me is Spring & Summer. But I have got some nice Ba$$ in the Fall as well.

    You take it easy & again - "Welcome",
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:

    Bert & "Deltalover"
  6. br7874884

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    fish deep. use larger bait's and fish it real slow. there not going to waist there time on small bait. ive caught some of my larger bass. in the winter. if your going to throw a plastic worm throw a 10-14" with no weight on it. 9 outta 10 times there going to take it on the fall so slow that fall down. and remember real men fish for bass. we only catfish when were feeling like sitting down and getting off out feet
  7. rgmatt

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    Delaware River,Pa
    Leave the TW at home in the winter. If I had to pick one bait, then for largemouth it would be a jig n pig as Mickey mentioned. For smallmouth it would be a black hair jig.

    Other lures that work in winter months:

    Suspending Jerkbaits

    4-5" grubs

    3-4" tubes

    Senko type worms

  8. David Knotts

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    Bossier City, La
    Kevin, welcome to the BOC, I love to Bass fish, around here, when the water gets aroud 50 degrees, I start usein small crank baits, like MANNS baby one minus, and the next size up, find shalloe water, that is real close to deeper water, cast up shallow and real back out fish slow, don't just cast out and real back in, make 2 or 3 cranks on the reel, pause then do the same, you can cast out, reel in a few feet, pause then pull your rod to the side for about afoot, pause then reel some more. What I'm gettin at is chanfe up your retreve, the fish will let you know how the want the bait to run. I realy like Blue and Chartruse crank baits this time of year. Hope this helps.
  9. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Kevin welcome to the BOC!
  10. catfishscotty

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    welcome to the boc i had my best luck in winter on sunny afternoons slow rolling a white spinnerbait at a local lake near me one febuary day caught 7 bass and 4 where over 5lbs in a stretch of bank about 150 yards around 8 to 10 ft deep. slow presentation is the key and if u find 1 really fish that area good before leaving it.