What is the best rig for drifting?

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    What kind of rig do you use for drift fishing? I had been trying to talk catfishcatcher into trying it and seeing what it's all about! So I could use a little advise on the rigging involved for catching cats using this method of fishing!
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    I know you boys fish salamonie so this is what I do there. I tie a 7/0 kahle on my line about 24" up. This gives you a 24" "tag end" then I put 5 or 6 BIG splitshots at the end of the tag end. If the splitshots get hung they will just slide right off the line. I like to drift slow enough that I can feel the sinkers bouncing on the bottom. If I can't feel bottom I add another sinker. If I'm drifting to fast I tie a 5 gallon bucket to the front and back of the boat to slow it down. Almost have to use buckets on a jon boat, they drift really fast with any amount of wind. If you think the cats are suspended take a few sinkers off your line and it will raise up, kinda like trolling.I like to use whole baby shad for drifting. It is a great way to locate cats. It takes a while to get used to making a good drift in the direction you want. Use your trolling motor to help guide you some and only fish out one side of the boat. Try fishing open areas first like the edge of the channel.

    Basically find a good spot where the wind won't blow you to the bank, cast out, but don't put your anchor down!!

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    instead of using split shot which can get really expensive sometimes ... use the pencil lead method ... take you some icemaker waterline and thread a pencil lead inside of it ... drill a hole thru the waterline and the pencil lead ... now tie your line onto it ... when the sinker gets hung up ... you will 99% of the time lose the waterline and not the rig... cause the line and pencil lead will pull through the waterline ... and the line is fairly cheap to buy in bulk. just a suggestion and recommendation
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    I use shrink tubing filled with lead shot works really well and hardly ever hangs make them in different sizes for different speeds, pretty cheap. As far as speed I prefer .8-1.5 mph. Only a personal preferance I seem to do very well.