What is snagging? dont know if i posted this in the right spot or not.

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  1. whiskerchaser

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    New Mexico
    Im not sure if i posted this in the right area but what is snagging?
  2. flatheadmaniac

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    snagging is when you dont use bait only hook and weight and cast into fish trying to hook into one anywhere on the body hence the name snagging. hope this is helpful

  3. whiskerchaser

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    New Mexico
    Yeah thanks thats all do u just throw it out and hope a fish swims by? or do u spot a good bunch of fish and throw it into them?
  4. laidbck111

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    there are spiecial treble hooks that are made for this just do a search for weighted treble hooks. Most sight fish but blind luck can be effective. Check your local regulations though as most places it is illegal to keep fish caught this way are to try to fish this way.
  5. savage308

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    Victoria, Texas
    Another way it is done is with trotlines stretched across a creek with the hooks about every 1ft. As the cats come up or down the creek bottome they'll get snagged by one or several of the hooks. I've never done this but i've seen it done. Doesn't sound like fishing to me but to each their own.....
  6. Gibbzilla

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    East Texas
    Don't use bait, and put a very large, weighted treble hook on the end of your line, and try to hook fish in the side and stuff. Illegal in Texas now.
  7. bigfatcat

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    its illegal here unless u are snagging mehaden or finger mullet
  8. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    We REALLY look down on people who go snagging around here! If I catch anyone doing it I'll turn them in!
  9. Gabowman

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    I saw a guy snagging ....... STRIPERS once!!! Talking about illegal! On top of that he was on the concreted spillway right behind the corp of Eng. dam where alot of people always fish. He was either stupid or didnt care. Either way.....he's stupid. A friend of mine told me he later snagged a 10 or 15 lb. striper and had it mounted. Wouldnt that be someting to tell everyone that see it how you caught it! Have to start lying right off the bat. Problem is......he was proud of what he had accomplished. In my book he's no sportsman and never will be.
  10. nightrider

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    I went on my first snagging trip to the Old River structure near Simmsport,La 3 years ago. It was a blast and we didn't catch any gamefish. Althought we didn't catch many people go there and catch several hundred pounds of catfish. The amount of fish located around this structure is unbelievable. You will fight some of the biggest fish in your life and the strong current does not help. We throw out with a 4-10 ounce weight depending on the current with two treble hooks tied above it and separated by 20" or so. If you ever get a chance to go there DON'T PASS IT UP.
  11. griz

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    Murray Ky.
    Snagging is legal here in Ky, Including snagging gamefish in some waters.
    (301 KAR 1:020, 1:075, 1:082; KRS 150.010)

    Gigging means spearing or impaling fish on any pronged or barbed instrument attached to the end of any rigid object. Snagging means taking fish or other aquatic animals by a rapid drawing motion (rather than enticement by bait) using a hand-held pole and attached line with a single or one multiple fish hook. Except, in Green River, Rolling Fork River and their tributaries, up to five single or treble hooks may be used for snagging.

    A person may gig or snag fish from the bank. Snagging is not legal from a boat. Gigging is legal from a boat only on lakes 500 surface acres or larger and only during daylight hours.

    Gigging and snagging are not legal from a platform or within 200 yards of a dam, except below Kentucky Dam. Otherwise, gigging/snagging is permitted day or night in all portions of lakes and streams open to these methods (refer to prohibited areas below).

    The season for gigging and/or snagging rough fish is from February 1 through May 10 (except below Kentucky Dam). It is illegal to possess a gig on a stream or lake or in a boat from November 1 through January 31. Except, persons may gig rough fish through the ice any time the surface is frozen thick enough to stand on, and the gigger must gig while supported by the ice. Regardless of condition, all sport fish taken by gigging and snagging must be immediately returned to the water except in the Tennessee River below Kentucky Dam.

    The area from Kentucky Dam to the new U.S. 62 bridge will be open to snagging 24 hours per day from January 1 through May 31. From June 1 through December 31, the area is open to snagging from sunset to sunrise. The area of the Tennessee River from the new U.S. 62 bridge to the I-24 bridge is closed to snagging year round. From the I-24 bridge to the confluence with the Ohio River is open to snagging year round. There is a daily creel limit of 8 fish and shall not exceed the daily creel limit for any sport fish in which the daily creel limit is under 8 fish per day. Snagging must cease after any sport fish daily creel limit is attained. However, snagging is not allowed on the newly installed fishing piers and jetties. All fish snagged below Kentucky Dam must be kept except shad or herring.

    In the Tennessee River below Kentucky Dam, a snagging rod, including the handle, may not be longer than 7-1/2 feet and must be equipped with line, guides and reel. Only one hook may be attached to the line, either single or treble. In the Cumberland River below Barkley Dam, snagging is only permitted down stream of the U.S. 62 bridge with a daily creel limit of 8 paddlefish.

    Gigging and snagging fish are prohibited in the following waters. Please refer to the “Kentucky Trout Waters” section of this guide for other waters closed to gigging and snagging:

    Cave Run Lake including all tributaries up to the first riffle

    Cumberland River, below Wolf Creek Dam down stream to the Tennessee line including tributaries within 1/2 mile of its junction with the Cumberland River

    Cumberland River , below Barkley Dam downstream to the U.S. 62 bridge

    Middle Fork Kentucky River, from Buckhorn Lake Dam downstream to the Breathitt County line -- Perry County

    Rough River , below Rough River Lake Dam downstream to the Highway 54 bridge -- Breckinridge and Grayson counties
  12. Jammer

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    At least once a year they bust someone for snagging Muskie at Alum Creek Dam. They get a pretty hefty fine. I reported a couple guys last year. It's illegal in Ohio, at least for gamefish.
  13. cat tamer

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    Here in Missouri there is a snagging season for spoonbill on certain waters only.