What is it about those mystical creatures?

Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by rairdog, Apr 29, 2006.

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    What a great week on the river. I sit here now watching it rain and my blood boils. The worse part is I live on the river and it calls to me. I can see it while I type this. I drive over it everyday to work and its like I'm in a different world when I cross it. Tranquility to traffic jam. Anyway, Thurs nite I got into a couple nice 4 lb smalleys and about 20 less than 2 lbs. A nice 16 in sauger, and some google eye, all on white twister. At dark I switced to cut shad and hooked a nice 7 lb channel on second cast. He hit so hard, in the swallow water of the spillway, that when I set the hook he came 2 feet out of the water. Thought I had a new state smalley record for a second there. Then I moved to my abutment hole and pulled in 6 channels 6 to 8 lbs. These were back to back in the same hole. Only small one and it had an eye missing so it was malnuturished. I had to work in the morning and my arm was getting sore so I called it a nite.

    Fri nite was even hotter. I got into at least 30 smalleys all under 2 lbs. Then I moved to the abutment hole with the twister and found a school of crappie. All were just big enough to eat but I still haven't finished my last batch. They were pretty much every cast. I released 12 or so. If I had minnows I'd been stuck there for a while. Then back in front of the spillway I got into some more google eye and more smalleys. I kept a couple google eye and went on a search for for my first flat of the year. I threw half a g-eye under the t-house and set my pole on a branch in the ground and paitienty waited. Yes I set my pole down. You gotta understand that when its hot at the spillway if you don't pull a fish in 30 sec after you cast you move to the next hole. Its only accesible by wading or small boat so 95% of the time I am the only one that fishes it. I'm spoiled. Anyway channels kept pulling at my bait but none could fit it in thier mouth. Finally, the famous slow pull on the rod as a flatties mosies off with his find. I set the hook and he said "I ain't leaving the house". I finally got him out and he headed for the pile of sticks and debris I was standing on. It drops off quick and the sticks poke out everywhere. He got into some sticks right at my feet and the 3/8 jig pulled out and almost knocked me out. I said more power to ya buddie next time your mine. And so the curse continues. Flat fever will eat you alive until the first one of the year. What is it about those mystical creatures?
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    Great story, it would be hard not to walk down and put a pole out for cats and just stand for a while. Sounds like you had a couple great days.

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    rairdog, where you fishing, i was down by ramond st. late fridaynight. glad you had a good time. catch ya later.
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    Nice fishin there Jim....Hopefully I can make it up there soon. Work has been killing me lately with overtime.
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    congrats on the killer days, nice post.
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    Sounds like you have a good hole to fish in .... i need one of those:big_smile:
    Thanks for the story.
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    Sounds like you got a good spot for sure, good luck in the future.