What is in your Catfish Arsenal?

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  1. EKYHunter

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    Prestonsburg, Kentucky
    I was just setting here thinking, after unloading my truck after a fishing trip, about how much Stuff I have for Catfishing. I am a packrat , I try to take everything I think I would need to be comfortable because I am there for the long haul (usually!) and here is where my problem is , I always bring a backup for everything extra lantern, extra rods, clothes, food and drinks, well you get the picture... Here is a list of most of my Catfish Arsenal.

    1- 8ft. Uglystik med/hwy with a Penn Captiva CV8000 spinning reel.
    1- 8ft. Uglystik med/hwy with a Penn 310 GTI bait casting reel.
    1- 7.6 ft. Silstar med/hwy flippin stick with mitchell bait casting reel.(backup)
    1- 6.6 ft. Pflueger med. combo for catching baitfish.
    1- 6.6 ft. Shakespeare light combo as backup.
    1-5 folding camp chairs.
    2- Coleman Lanterns.
    1- 5 gallon bucket full of rod holders, bug spray, bait and all extra stuff...
    1- net... which needs upgraded!!!
    1- Huge Tupperware box full of clothes, food, lantern fuel and Toilet Paper!!! Etc...
    1- Tupperware box full of firewood.
    1- Firering (Dewey Lake rules LOL!)
    1- Med cooler. (needs upgrading)
    3- Tackle boxs full of everything you could think of for Catfishin.
    1- 92' Ford Truck with all of this in it.

    All of this goes with me on every trip. I have got to Downsize! There are alot of small items that I left out just to same time. Now, what do you take with you when you go CatFishin?
  2. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Thanks for sharing your list. As sure as you downsize you will need something you left at home. :smile2:

  3. mankind

    mankind New Member

    ashland ky
    well lets see . 2-7.6 big cat w/6500 reels 2-7.10 big catrods w/6500 reels both have 40 big game.- spinning reel for bait cooler tackle box -2 chairs -2 coleman lanturns - rain gear jacket - bait buckets-2 - soon to have 2 new rod holders -2004 chevy i'm tired:eek:oooh:
  4. KentuckyCatfish

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    Im sort of a ungly stick guy.... so i have 22 all together that are just ugly sticks.. tall ranging from the bigger saltwater tigers to the very smallest ultra-light. The bigger ones I have baitcasters on, the smaller ones I have spinners on.

    Besides that I have a couple of nets, a few home made baitwells, a good knife and some other odds and ends....
  5. oh no

    oh no New Member

    All that tackle and you forgot the cooler full of cold beverages, + snacks.
  6. firechief4201

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    Catlettsburg, Kentucky
    It depends if I'm fishing light or I can get my truck to the bank.:cool2:
  7. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    You sound a lot like me when it comes to being prepared. I dont like to need something and not have it. I usually fish all night and camp with friends from the BOC too, so I bring the following everytime I go out.........
    10' glow-stick with (Okuma)ABR90 spinning reel
    9' Penn rod with Penn6000 spinning reel
    9' Eagle Claw (water eagle) rod with (Okuma) Baitcaster.
    7' Diawa rod with Penn 9m Baitcaster reel
    7' Roddy Gator Tail rod with Penn 309 Baitcaster
    7' Ugly stick Catfish with Diawa 5000 spinning reel
    Tackle box full of every thing needed
    6 heavy duty bank rod holders
    1 net for big fish, 1 net for baitfish, throw net, bucket
    lantern, citranella candles, binoculars, compass, video camera, instant camera
    cell phone, air mattress, blankets, pillow, bug spray, Coleman propane stove,
    2 non-stick skillets, coffee pot with 1 gallon fresh water, I large type plastic container with the following inside.....Cooking oil, flour, bar-b-que sauce, plates , cups, napkins, plastic forks and spoons, coffee, seasonings and various other items.
    90 qt. cooler with 24 drinks with 3 bags ice, bag of charcoal with lighter fluid
    2 aluminum folding tables, various meats for supper on the grill, 2 folding chairs and extra change of clothes, a jacket, sweat pants, 2 hats, Large floats with a tube of glow sticks, a fish basket for catching baits,red worms, wax worms, mealworms, weaponry!!!!, trash bags,.......I used to load all this up in a small compact car. But recently purchased an 84 1 ton chevy van which holds all my junk and plenty room for air mattress and snoozing. I only drive the van once a week to go fishing and camping every Tuesday evening and come home on Wednesday morning. I leave most of my stuff loaded up so I'm ready to go at a drop of a dime. 11 mpg highway....makes me glad I only live 15 miles away from some of the best fishing in Western Kentucky.
  8. mankind

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    ashland ky
    i'll go fishing with you anytime:eek:oooh:
  9. katfish ken

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    We don't mention our mason jars it might give us a bad rep.:wink::smile2::big_smile:
  10. lance

    lance New Member

    MASON JARS ?:smile2:
  11. EKYHunter

    EKYHunter New Member

    Prestonsburg, Kentucky
    with a cherry flavored drink in it.


    1; 7ft custom new rizon / Penn 309 / 350 yds 65lb power pro

    2; 7 ft abu garcia brute / penn 330 gti / 300 yds 50lb gorilla braid

    3; 7 ft HT coastmaster / penn 309 / 350 yds 65lb power pro

    4; 7 ft penn powerstick / penn 309 / 300 yds 30lb suffix seige

    5; 7 ft custom HT fire / penn 309 / 350 yds 65lb power pro

    6; 10 ft mitchell trophee / penn 105c / 300 yds gorilla braid

    7; 7'6 ft Big cat / penn 8500ss / 250yds 50lb big game solar

    8; 7 ft abu garcia workhorse / penn captiva 6000 / 200yds 30lb suffix seige

    9; 7 ft penn captiva / penn captiva 6000 / 200yds 30lb suffix seige

    And all the fixins