What is hunting coming to?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by centralcalcat, Dec 7, 2005.

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    I was watching Tred Barta the other night on OLN. He was going off on one of his tangents, that I mostly ignore, but this one caught my attention.

    Apparently there is a guiding service out of Texas who is trying to get internet hunting going. This does not mean a game you can play online, this means that they are trying to mount a rifle with computer controls on it. Make a feed plot for deer in front and place a web cam. If you can pay the company a couple of thousand dollars, they will let you sit on your couch and with the click of a mouse kill a deer.

    How is that Hunting?

    I personally disagree with it fully. I was wondering what your opinions were of this.

  2. SSG Johnson

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    The problem with it is some idiot out there will pay the money just to do it. It will be illigal sooner than later im sure. We as hunters shouldnt put up with this. Its unethical if you asked me regardless of the situation. If you are so broke that you cant get out of bed and leave the house then you shouldnt be hunting either.

  3. Leakyboat

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    I think that has been shot down,if i remember right the Parks and Wildlife want let them do it!
    They came up with the ideal a year or two ago.They were saying,that it was a way for a Disable person to hunt!
    This is the information i heard on it.If it is true on the Disabled Person
    part,i see nothing wrong with it,but i believe it would head in another direction.
  4. Mutt

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    last i heard it was up and going too. i do know it raised a big stink with hunters and non hunters here in cali. they also pased a law here in cali to make it ilegal to partake in that too which is great in my eyes.as it aint hunting. its just another way for some idiots to make more money. there are lots of ways for disabled people to go hunting without baiting and shooting one like that. i myself know id love to meet the person who thought that one up. :cursing:
  5. Leakyboat

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    Here's a article

    Internet hunting coming to Texas
    Posted Nov 17, 2004, 10:41 AM ET by Peter Rojas
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    Don’t let anyone convince you that the Blue States have a monopoly on technologcal innovation. Case in point: a rancher in Texas says he’s going to start offering an Internet hunting service where visitors to his website can bag a deer, antelope, and wild pigs using a remote controlled .22 caliber rifle with a webcam mounted on it (the gun is already available for target practice right now, he’s just waiting for a faster Internet connection that’ll make the gun easier to aim). But don’t worry. Smokey, aka Texas Parks and Wildlife Department wildlife director Mike Berger, is already trying to figure out how to shut this down, and has proposed a new rule that’ll require anyone hunting animals to actually be physically present at the site where they’re shooting.

  6. Leakyboat

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    Here's one more,

    The HSUS Praises Texas for New Law to Ban Internet Hunting


    WASHINGTON – The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) today praised Texas legislators for passing a law to ban the practice of Internet hunting. H.B. 2026, which bans "computer-assisted remote hunting" throughout the state, officially became law yesterday and is effective immediately. The controversial practice originated in Texas with the launching of a web site, www.Live-Shot.com, that allowed hunters to pay a fee and shoot animals on an exotic game ranch with the click of a mouse. Now the only victims on that web site will be inanimate targets.Seventeen
    other states have silmilar laws or pending submissions.

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    I certainly hope they put a stop to this.....There has been some negative post on here as of late about hunting..One of them was by me...Hunting is a great sport, if done ethically. And I hope the heritage continues for many decades!
  8. H2O Mellon

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    From their site:

    "Although hunting thru an internet connection has been banned by Texas, and several other states, hunting in person is still legal in this country. Many special accomodations have been made to allow people with physical limitations an opportunity to hunt and harvest game. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide an equal opportunity to everyone. What we can provide is a large, wheelchair accessible stand, which houses the LIVE-SHOT shooting system. We can now offer a unique hunting opportunity for disabled and handicapped hunters, as well as others, who may need the assistance of our system while hunting. But, due to the recent law, only if you have the ability to come to the ranch. Prior to the ban, we proved that with determination, practice, patience, and perserverance, a man who thought that he would never have an opportunity to hunt again was able to harvest an animal while bound to his ventilator in his room. Almost 18 years after the accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down, Dale made a fantastic shot. He now has a memory of a trophy which will remain with him for the rest of his life, he will only have the taste of the meat until the sausage runs out!

    Listed are some of the species which will be available on a year round basis:
    AOUDAD (Barbary Sheep) Native to Northern Africa.
    BLACKBUCK ANTELOPE. Originally from India.
    SHEEP. Corsican, Mouflon, and crosses

    Other antlered species will be available on a limited basis:
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    How would everyone feel about using this site for target practice? For instance being able to shoot a .22 at a specific target? That is what they are doing now. To me I dont have a problem at all with that.

    This whole thing isnt for me, thats for sure, HOWEVER if people have this much money to throw around I dont have a beef w/ any of this. When this was 1st introduced a couple years ago, I had the same opinon. You'll never catch me w/ an active membership to the site, but if someone is rich and dumb enough to do this, so be it. Think of some things about it: #1.) It will keep these king of people out of our woods, #2.) It is completely safe, as the shot is set up to be an easy one, #3.) No other hunters are going to have to worry about being in danger from bad shots, etc....

    Somethings I also wonder, if I live in Ohio & press "enter" or whatever & I kill a whitetail w/ a .300 Win Mag from this site, is it legal becasue rifles are utlawed in Ohio. You'll laugh @ this one, but do I have to wear hunter orange? Etc.......

    Not for me, but no matter your opinon on the subject, the guy that came up w/ this is a freakin genius. If people have this much extra money, I say take it form them. :crying:
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    I don't have a problem with this as long as they stick to target shooting. I mean nintendo had the duck hunt game. and there are a number of hunting games for whatever video system our kids have. these are fine since they are done in the privacy of your home. Now the entire internet hunting thing should be illegal no matter what state you live in or where the killing is taking place. This is in my opinion nowhere even close to hunting. Hunting is all about traditions and being able to be ethical about how you handle the different situations that are presented to you. It is also a great way for parents to bond and teach thier children skills that can not be taught in a class room. But must be a hands on approach.

    Well it looks like i have rambled on long enough. This is just my $0.02 worth.
  11. Leakyboat

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    I really don't have a problem with it,if it's really for the disabled,them only,no exceptions.I'm sure that would be hard to police.If they can controll that part,then i'm fine with it.
  12. quackkillsduxs

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    If you ask me i think that just gives us true hunters a bad name. That is just one more thing for P.E.T.A to bitch about.
  13. rednecksportsman511

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    defeats the entire purpose behind hunting. whatever happened to experiencing nature?