what is COMBAT fishing? salmon fishing?

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    I used to live in Sacramento Ca. and every year the Salmon would go back to the hatchery to die...I think this is the American River? anyway, I would see a lot of fishermen on the banks fishing for the Salmon...they would stand almost shoulder to shoulder.....now how do you fish in a river and not get all tangled up with the other lines? Is there so kind of fish etiquette in this type of fishin? :wink:
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    Most who fish in that kind of situation have done it for many years. They work hard not to cast over another's line. But, hangups are going to happen. When I fished the piers down in Galveston, the guys fishing the T-heads were the regulars. Back then, they didn't play nice. If you crossed their lines, you may find your line cut by a knife. If you used light lined and not enough weight, they would cut your line. You either learned or went home. Sometimes, the knives would come out if you caught a fish and couldn't control it so that it didn't mess up other people's line, or didn't warn that you needed to cross over.

    I'm not sure how the salmon fishermen and opening day trout fishermen in the Northeast work it out, but there is a system. If you are ever in the Galveston area when the croaker are running at High Island, go and take a look, its the same thing, shoulder to shoulder. Just not my cup of tea when fishing.