What is an AMBUSH POINT?

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by onlyriverfish, Sep 3, 2006.

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    I didnt have to know what an "Ambush Point" was to catch blues. But that word "ambush point" has become profoundly more important these days.

    Better understanding of that word has helped me to better understand the habits of the baitfish being predated and how my prey uses its enviroment, and ultimatly to make me a better predator!

    Time on the water and catching fish enables me to draw a corrolation between where I caught that fish and why that fish was there. Then I can find similar spots elsewhere else and feel confidence that it too will also be a good ambush spot. Im not just guessing!
    With the ultimate goal of recognizing just where the best spot is to find the biggest fish.

    I bet we all try to figure out what it was about that spot that made that fish be there and draw a conclusion-maybe not right then-maybe we learn something in the future that enables us to put it together. But success is being able to duplicate and build upon that abillity tofigure them out.

    I find ambush spots in the river to be:

    1.) Humps- the humps allow upswimming baitfish to rest where the current is less and blues hide below to take advantage of this.

    2.) Ledge edges with structure to break current for blues to dart quickly out from grab food and then go back to.

    3.) Holes-above and inside of them for the obvious current break and baitfish attraction.

    4.) Current seams-Not often talked about and little understood dirrerence in water speed that happens as water flows past obsticals.

    5.) Just plain predation taking place in an area that favors the predators and the baitfish can be cornered.

    I constantly look at other predator species that we can watch ie lions, gators, and such to try to figure out what cant allways be seen in the muddy water helps.
    Can anyone add some wisdom please?