What is a Set Line?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Blacky, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Can any of you guys explain what a set line is?

    Is it legal or illegal?

    What kind of tackle is needed?

    Thank you
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    A set line is a generic term for any line you set and leave - trotline, limbline, bankline, etc. Legality depends on your state (and can be as specific as the particular body of water you're on).

    Not much different in the way of tackle, just more of it. Most trotline set ups use a long line and drop lines (trots) off the main line with the hooks and bait. Some are weighted at both ends to keep all the baits on the bottom, some are tied to a piece of structure on one end and weighted at the other, some use weights and jugs to get baits at all levels of the water column.

    Bank lines are poles with a line on the end that are stuck in the bank and have the business end in the water. Some guys actually cut small limbs, most around here use PVC for their poles.

    Limb lines are similar to bank lines but are typically (as the name implies) tied to limbs over hanging the water.

    Trotlines (and depending on the state there can be restrictions on the number of hooks allowed) have multiple hooks, bank and limblines typically have single hooks.

    Think of them as mousetraps - set them, bait them up, and check them later to see what you caught. You can design your lines however you want.

    Setting trotlines can be tricky by yourself - think lots of hooks and line in the bottom of the boat you have to get into the water, so be careful while you're learning. I like to read your posts, hate to lose ya:smile2:

    From your posts you're a catch and release guy, if you're intending to release big fish caught off of your set lines be sure to check them often. Check your local regs for legal number of hooks, line set ups, baits, locations, and how you need to tag your gear.

    Good luck!


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    Branden told you like it is. An excellent post.
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    Be sure to carefully read the regs in your state. In Arkansas, there one set of regs for trotlines, limblines, banklines, throwlines, and anchored jugs; another set for yo-yos; and a third set for freefloating jugs.