What is a good way to keep your line tight when its windy

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Bigcat1, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Bigcat1

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    My question is this when you are catfishing and its windy what can u do to make it where your line doesnt go everywhere,right now i use a pop can,when i cast my line out i leave the bail open and wrap the line around a can then when the cat takes it the can will fall over,please HELP! I am new to the boc and some things i dont get so please explain.
  2. copycat

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    More weight on the rig will help. Unless line is being stripped from you reel, tighten the clicker or just close the bail. If you are using a spinning reel than I would close the bail for sure. I have the Shimano Baitrunner 4500, which is a spinning reel that also has an adjustable clicker. Most baitcasters have a clicker that you can tighten down. Theres nothing I hate more than fishing in very windy conditions though.

  3. laidbck111

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    I gave up fighting the wind and leave slack in my line. Them I just wait for the line to straighten out are jump around and I know I have a bite. When its gusty I just up the size of my sinker so that the line can be tight and I also try to keep the tip of my rod closer to the water.
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    If your out a way the small diameter super lines work much better than mono along with more weight as stated above( up to 8 oz for me). If you leave slack in your line it MAY even get worse due to more line in the wind.

    Opinion: I like to tight line as to see as much as possible to see and have an idea what is taking place and the high winds can make it harder still. Them thar Flatheads have 4 times more patience than most fishermen, can bite and not have it be seen and can clean off your cut bait time after time with not even the jingle of a bell on your rod... all this I have see Mike and that is why I love them Flatties.

    Hope this helps
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    "...what can u do to make it where your line doesnt go everywhere..."

    Time to wind drift!!!
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    all above some time I just fish closer to the boat:lol:
  7. FishMan

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    there is only one way to keep your line tight, no wind or big wind. The only way is with weight
  8. mandingo

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    try using more weight and lowering your rod tip closer to the water instead of having it up in the air.the more line you have out of the water is more the wind grabs.
  9. Cornhusker

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    I drop my rods down until the tips are 6 or 8" above ground. Have the rod perdendicular to the line. I use 2 bank sticks, one about 2/3 of the way up the rod on the water side of the rod and the other at the reel on the side opposite the water.

    You may need to clean out some grass or trash to let your line be free and clear of bank snags but this is becoming my preferred set up even when the wind is not blowing.

    I do leave the drag a little loose so that line will strip without damage to the rod.