What is a good rod for a zebco magnum 808? I will be fishing for channel catfish

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by whiskerchaser, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. whiskerchaser

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    New Mexico
    I wanted to know what would be a good rod to fish with my zebco magnum 808 with 125yds of 25lb line. I will be fishing channel catfish from the range of 1lb up to 25lbs.
  2. Desperado

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    Pataskala, Ohio
    I would say just about any med. heavy rod about 6-7'. Check out which one you want on brands. You will soon hear which brand is the best, just go with what ever you like.

  3. LarryW

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    Abbeville Louisiana
    I would recamend the ugleystick catfisher. If you decide to upgrade your real later your rod will be ready. One thing to chedk is that the rod is designed for the size of line you use. This is marked on the rod.
  4. gardengrz

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    catfish connection has zebco big cat rod, i think itd be sortu neat to have a matching outfit. if not that i would definiatly get the ugly cat ugly stick.
  5. thegavel

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    I have used the same reel as well as one of my fishing partners...

    When looking for a rod, you want to check the line capabilities that are listed on the rod as mentioned earlier. The nice thing about shopping for rods is that there are thousands of different rods.

    I would recomment something between 6 and 8 foot. medium - heavy action. Ugly stick is a great brand, I have also had good luck with some off brands... try them out in the store and see what you like best.

    One other thing I would recommend is to check the eyes of the poles you are looking at. I am not sure what everyone else will say about this, but it has been my personal experience that I am able to cast farther with more control with rods that have smaller eyes.

    If you are going to be casting relatively far I would recommend smaller eyes... just something to keep in mind...

    Best of luck and let us now what you choose!!!
  6. peewee williams

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    I know that Old and new 808s and 888s work fine on #1, Berkley Reflex RFC802MH Medium casting Lure 1-4 Trilene 10-25 rods. #2, POWER PLUS Trophy Class 1054 7' Hvy.Act. 1-4 oz.Lure wt. 12-30 lb. Line 7G rods. and #3, Berkley GLOWSTIK GSC702M 7' Medium Casting Lure 1/2-3 Triline 10-20 rods.My older rods have no info left on them.peewee-williams
  7. MRR

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    Like said before check them out in the store. How limber they are how far they will bend etc. We was fishing one night and one of the guys broke his rod. I said were not that far from Wally World ,we can go get you another rod ,we did and I was ding the test thing checked to see how limber it was. And guess what (IT BROKE IN HALF. ) said well you don't want that one . So be sure you check it out before you by it. personally I like the UGLY STICK 7 ft.
  8. Whiskers4U

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    I have my 808 Magnums set up on 7 ft Ugly Stick and another set up on a Rhino 7 footer. Both have not let me down so far.