what is a downrigger

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    i have a 9ft med/h downrigger rod..... it has alot of guides like on a baitcaster but it is a spinning rod...

    anyone know what a downrigger rod is????:confused2:
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    It is a trolling rig that consists of a "cannon ball" that is lower beneath a boat by means of a winch and the line clips to the ball. When a fish strikes the lure trolled behind it the line comes unclipped from the ball and the rod snaps up thus setting the hook.

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    I never used them with a down rigger!A lot of folk liked to use them with Braided line as they are a slow action rod and the whole blank is made to bend more uniformly instead of fast on the tip end.It gives over a longer time span and keeps the hook from ripping out as easy when you engage the drag or cross their eyes with the non-elastic braid.I love them for use with all lines and reels as they are far more forgiving in in all ways in my belief.Now they do not seem to be as sensitive and let you feel a nibble as easy as a Carbon blank fast tip rod.Being that I like my Glass rods for durability and now have little feeling in my hands,I have never needed this unless fishing for the nibbling type fish.They don't seem to cast as easy with any bait.You learn to cast in a slow easy type way and they do OK for short distances with lighter weights.They were not made to cast but to troll.

    They are at their very best for me when offshore live bait fishing where that Barracuda,Wahoo,Jack or King hopefully slowed to 30 mph to hit your bait.It saved you again when you engaged your drag.

    I do not know the rating on yours.Most mediums top out around 20 lb.line and many of these fish in the 30-50 lb.range are caught with this size line.They are made to give on the impact of the down rigger release with a fish on.Many of us learned that they did great on the impact of the strike on these big fast fish.Many,including I still used mono for the increased shock absorbing affect.You needed big reels to hold enough line with mono as fish at these speeds do not slow down in a short distance.Try to stop them abruptly and they pull out or break off every time.You normally follow these fish with the boat and pray that they do not head for structure.

    Some of these rod builders should know more and my rods were made around 1980.They may be far different today.My first was a early long odd length one piece 9 1/2 foot one that you could touch the tip to the butt.The fellow that sold it to me second hand showed me this.It looked new.He did not like it is why he sold it."Too limber" he said.I never did it to it again till the day it was stolen from me.It was a wonderful lite line rod and I caught thousands of Spanish mackerel with it casting a 00 Clark Spoon into the schools while drifting through them.Them was the days!I loved it to catch Bluegill with too.it handled much like my fly rod lite spinning combo.

    Some love them and others hate them.

    I hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee.
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    Thanks for all the info on the downrigger,i never had a clue what they did and prolly will never use 1 but atleast now i know what they do:embarassed: