what i would like to see.

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    what i would like to see is a place fixed where people that is disable or in a wheel-chair could go & fish onthe ALTAMAHA RIVER where they would have access to fish from a chair or their wheel-chair & so they could get close enought to fish & have it made so it would be SAFE & had a shelter over it for them to park & get in & out of their car or van with out being in the HOT SUN OR RAIN. let it be paved smooth so they can role their wheel-chairs with out the fear of turning over. put signs up for handicap people only. like it is now it is impossible for a DISABLE person to fish it either to rough or banks are to high wayne county would be the only one that would have such a place. i think that would be telling our DISABLEfolks they are still people. this is something i would like to see happen in WAYNE COUNTY.:smile2:
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    Billy, i would like to see that on most decent bodies of water.

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    I have to agree with that, even if it was only 1 or 2 places per county.

    The city I live in has bike path/walkways and parkland along vast stretches of the river. Yet the places to actually park a car and find a place to fish without wading through 50-100 yards of cocklebur's and such are few and far between.

    There are even city parks where they have a road that winds along almost a mile of riverbank. But the only decent place to fish is in a tent camping area which is mowed. Everything else is either all mud, or a jungle of spikes & thorns.
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    I agree with you all, I would love to see money spent for something like
    that than for some of the useless things that our tax dollars are wasted
    on. I have heard that in Texas on the Red River somewhere that there
    is a concrete pad with railings that is set up for disabled vets and this
    was done in the 1950s.