What has happend to the BOC??

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by ShilohRed, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. ShilohRed

    ShilohRed New Member

    West Tn
    A sponsor makes a post. And everyone is way to busy to post in it. To show there thanks.
    But let a Sponsor give something away for free and man watch out. You break your neck to get in on it.
    I can remember when if someone posted something about a sponsor they had plenty of support and post .
    I know everyone can make post that are just to take up space on other post every time when someone post to try and find out something. Theres plenty of post that are taking away from that post.
    I will get down off my soap box now. But I remember when people were proud to show the support of a sponsor on this board. But not anymore.:embarassed:
    So have a great day and if the sponsors should stop supporting the giveaways then you will know why.

    Ps it used to where people were what can I do for the board. Now its all about what can the board do for me. I for one wish it was back to what can we do for the board.
  2. dafin

    dafin New Member

    There has been a change in member attitude over the years . Meany of the long time members post vary little or not at all.I guess that is what comes with growth. Still through it all the boc is a great place to belong to.

  3. Catgirl

    Catgirl New Member

    The following post is not an attempt to make anyone upset or angry; but as a newer member in the scheme of things around here, here is my take on this subject.....

    People provide BOC sponsorship because it is as mutually beneficial for them as it is for the BOC membership. In my case, I do my best to say thank you when a new sponsor is announced and also when they provide a prize for a contest. At one or both of these instances, I generally click on their website link to see what they have to offer. That way I have an idea of what's available if needed for future reference. Yes, some of them are daily participating members and I for one appreciate THAT as well. IMO, it lets us know that they are interested in the everyday activities on Catfish1.com and aren't here just to make money.

    I would hate for any of our sponsors feelings to be hurt because they think their posts are not appreciated or that we aren't proud to have them. Perhaps you know Julie personally Pete, and have spoken with her concerning this matter. I've been known to post something on behalf of another person myself on occasion. However, I would venture to say that her thread concerning Tite-Lok's current website sale wasn't intended to drum up thanks. She is a business woman, and her thanks come when folks click over to the Tite-Lok website and order merchandise. :wink:

    If I see a sale post from one of our sponsors about a product I am in the market for or may be interested in, then I will read it and perhaps make a comment (i.e. the Tite-Lok dog restraints that have been discounted - I did not post on the thread, but I sent Julie rep and a comment because that looks like a neat item that may suit my purpose). I don't look at newspaper flyers I am mailed or advertising websites unless I am specifically searching for something. I wouldn't if the company belonged to my IMMEDIATE family. Maybe some folks can afford to buy stuff whenever they please, but speaking for myself that isn't feasible; so I choose not to be tempted by looking at cool items that I don't NEED at present.

    That being said, whenever I AM in the market for products a BOC sponsor manufactures/supplies, I will most certainly check with them FIRST. I enjoy this board tremendously, and what I've gained (friends and information) FROM it; but I've never been "all about" what it can do for me. I try to give back in various ways whenever possible, imo as most of the good folks around here do. Each person is unique and participates in his/her own way.

    Since I wasn't around for the old board, I have no idea how many sponsors there were then; I'd assume less? I DO know (from reading posts some of the first BOC members have made) how small the community was in the past. Seems it was possible to read and post on pretty much every thread/topic back then.

    As far as contests go, those are another great business tactic. Again, this draws attention to the sponsor's merchandise. It's reciprocal, we get the chance our names will be drawn, they get the chance to sell something. I don't think they do this for thank you posts either, but I must admit it irritates me sometimes when people don't even say thanks for an item they're getting an opportunity to WIN - no cost to them whatsoever (maybe shipping sometimes). But, it's only human nature to readily sign up for a prize, everyone wants to be a lucky winner. :big_smile:

    Personally, I think the BOC membership AND the sponsors would be better served by a written testimonial with detailed info about the product/products you've purchased, and why you like them.....with an added link to their website or sale post (similar to another thread you posted Pete); rather than a dressing down directed towards the entire BOC membership, some of whom may have no reason to view a certain sale at any given time. But maybe that's just me.....

    So, I don't think anything has "happened to the BOC". We're still moving onward and upward, memberships AND sponsorships; getting bigger and better.

    Hope all you BOC supportive sponsors and wonderful BOC sisters and brothers have a great evening, THANK YOU ALL! You are :0a31:
  4. Wabash River Bear

    Wabash River Bear New Member

    Very good point Pete. We need these sponsors to thrive here. I am probably as guilty as everyone else about gettin occupied with other things and forgetting about who helps pay the bills around here. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. Mac-b

    Mac-b Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    North Caro
    Pete, I do not respond to the thread of a sponsor with a thank you or I welcome you. Instead, I order products from them and that is what they want. During 2007 I bought a scale from Coffey Marketing. For 15 years I have purchased Blakewood products, such as Road Runners, Contact cleaner, etc. and have even bought more from them since I joined the BOC. Bait from Fish on Bait Co. This is the kind of thanks that I think they want from the BOC membership. Mac
  6. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
    I wasnt going to respond as Tanya said it way better than I could have but you really have some nerve Pete. If you want to post on them then post if they want to post then they can post. There is nothing wrong with the BOC except other people thinking they can "persuede" other people to post to say what thanks? They are sponsoring to make money and we are joining the free giveaways to get stuff free wow go figure on that. I cant afford alot of this sponsored stuff right now so all I can do it say "sign me up please". It was hard to put the 10 up for my star. I was almost out of a job this year but I was able to secure that for now, so it would have been impossible to get that if not for that. Oh I had to get my van fixed which was another 400+ to fix. Glad you were able to get another boat I hoped you thanked them.:angry:
  7. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    I have tried to be a robot and post a thank you to all our sponsers,but I seem to forget and go back to my ;mode ; check what I like an go on with life. hope it dont bother any one . Thats just LIFE.
  8. olefin

    olefin New Member

    Agree with Tanya and Gary!

    Another way to help the board, become a star member. :wink:
  9. Dano

    Dano New Member

    The power of internet and technology has differed me to shop locally.
    That is one reason why I dont get into contest. If I can shop on line etc. I dont think it's right for me to get free bee's. Sorry. I do appreciate sponsor and those who hook up with them.
    I also tell people on the streets about it.
    It just isn't for me.

    I like this site, I have fun, learn etc. and I hope others enjoy what I post.
    That's bout all I can do.
    To be honest. I dont like change every week but , it's one of those things, you deal with it or leave. I deal with it.

    Anyway. I hope all supports the entertainment they like. For me its BOC.

    Hope y'all understand where I'm coming from.

    money is too tight to on;ine shop and crime is to hi for me to worry about my accounts . i dont do money on internet

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    i did a write up on installing a keelshield i WON from the b.o.c. as a thanks for the $100+valued item.


    i get my glowsticks from gene and still buy from former sponsers i found with good products.

    thanks. and donate my stars when i can.:wink:

    i get in on every contest i see because the star program allowes me the right. and dont feel bad about the opertunity. if i like the product i win ill do more buisness. thats what good products do. re sell. however one boat one keelshield. so all i can do is speak good of it because i have had no problems with it and reccomend it. do you have one on your boat?? there really nice for protecting its hull.
  11. rspd507

    rspd507 New Member

    Rising Sun,IN
    Definately, no question, someone needs to take there happy pill...lol
  12. orion_xxvx

    orion_xxvx New Member

    North Central Missouri
    hmm where is your stars for donating to boc . I couldnt really afford to donate but did. I'm a lil bit offended by your saying that we dont support the sponsors. Number 1 I really am not lucky so I'll never win anyway so how does even entering a contest help me? Everything Ive ever got I had to be good at to get. But do you hear me griping about it. Not until now. I consider myself blessed any day I can watch the sun rise on the water.
  13. slowboat

    slowboat New Member

    Tanya and Gary said it all...sb
  14. fishhook

    fishhook New Member

    Willow Woo
    I also agree with Tanya and Gary for my two cents worth.
  15. loanwizard

    loanwizard Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... I read his post a little bit differently I suppose.

    Wanna know somthing sad?

    I won the first contest I ever entered here, it was an Okuma Spinning reel.

    I have NO IDEA who donated it. That is the way of the American consumer.

    To my VERY good friends, Tanya, Gary, and Dayton, as a sponsor we do appreciate the appreciation. I would imagine most of these sponsors are here to make money. I am not one of those. Selling vehicles from a distance is a challenge. I've done it, but not often and not in this format. I am currently working to become more "in sync" with the internet, but time will tell.
    In my business it is difficult to separate friendship with business but we do what we can.

    Shiloh is right that like the rest of the world, the BOC has sped up in terms of daily posts and in doing so, some of the personalness has eroded.

    To the 4 that I am talking to, this is still a place that is VERY near and dear to our heart.

    Now, as a person and a sponsor, on thing that I find abhorrent is when someone has a review, and another comes in and posts a serious gripe, trying to do injury to that sponsor. I find it VERY rude and unacceptable. My opinion is, if you have a gripe, then use the pm system or a telephone.

    Wars with a rod company or a guide service have NO place in a forum that may hurt a mans method of making a living in my most humble opinion.

    I don't know about you but I bet spring and fishing weather will alleviate a lot of stress surrounding these threads lol!
  16. catfishjohn

    catfishjohn New Member

    Greenup Co. KY

    I agree with what fishhook said about agreeing with Gary and Tanya.
    I don't post as much as I used to now for my own reasons.
    I don't see anything wrong with the BOC, If someone wants to post on the thread, good. If not they shouldn't be shamed into it.
    I also try to order from them(sponsors) or send a PM.
    Thats my .02...
  17. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
    Shawn I agree with you and I have no issues with someone sponsoring to make money (that is the American way) and this site doesnt pay for itself so having sponsors is a great thing IMO.

    I also agree with what you are saying that if there are issues to resolve them i.e. a PM or thru a mediator if needed.

    That being said if someone that is not a sponsor has an issue with others on here that have not stopped into every sponsors part of the board and berating them since they have not said thanks he is doing the same thing to "us" that have not as what he is professing should not be done which is hypocritical.

    I have no issues with any of the sponsors or this board even tho Ive signed up for just about every contest and not won any of them either.

    I honestly have a great time on the BOC with everyone that Ive had interaction with even when in the HI LOL.

    If I were a sponsor I would love the interaction I could get from all kinds of fishermen/women and get great reports from all of them but I wouldnt be expecting to be thanked by every member.

    I dont know if I am saying it correctly so I may have to revise what I said after responses to this.
  18. slimdaddy

    slimdaddy Well-Known Member

    Nelsonville, Oh
    Iagree with catgirl and gary also
  19. cat tamer

    cat tamer New Member

    I was a sponsor on the BOC and when I was it was not to support the BOC but to help generate sales for my company, The post's that was left thanking me for being a sponsor did nothing for the bottom line but if someone wants to say thanks thats fine and if not thats fine, the thanks is not what I became a sponsor for it was for the sales from BOC members which did not happen , The reason the sales results were poor is not the fault of the Boc members but the fact that the product that I offerd was not a product wanted and that is the reason anyone that has something to sell can only find out where the sales will be best is by advertiseing it in different venues. if you want to support the BOC do it by donating directly to the BOC and by purchasing items from the sponsors if you so desire and by keeping the enviroment here on the BOC friendly and make this a place someone would like to come back too without having to read posts that are made in such away to make to encite hostillity.
  20. Wil

    Wil New Member

    Minden Nebraska
    the BOC has changed but thats the way things work in life. nothing is staying still and staying unchanged in life. why? because of time. time keeps going so things keep changing. now i dont think our brothers and sisters here have changed in the sense that they stopped showing appreciation because some of them forget to say thanks or something. we have a ton of members now. a lot more then there were when i joined up almost 2 years ago (its been a great 2 years too) so that might be why. but thats not a bad thing either. i love all the familiar faces and consider all of them a close friend but i like meeting new people on here too. i have not gotten a star yet. ive tlaked to my mom about it and she just doesnt want to let me do it, ive told her that ill pay out of my own pocket and all that but she still wont let me do it. but when i turn 18 in august i will be donating and that you can be sure of. but until then i do say thanks to the sponsors and i do appreciate them and if i forget to say thankyou to a sponsor, so what. they arent here for thankyou's they are here to make money and thats what theyre doing, i garantee you they care alot more about the money than the thankyou's
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