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    ... to the Pittsburgh Meet thread that Justing started? Did the BOC admins delete because of the "bad words" between the east and west? I hope the realize that was all in fun and we would love to have you guys out (even though your sports teams are terrible! :wink:)!

    Anyway, I would love for it to happen, so I am going to start a new thread here about it. Justin mentioned the weekend of the 26th, somewhere near the point. Pat, where would a good spot for 10+ people to meet, grill, and fish near the point be? You fish the area alot so why dont you come up with the place. I am going to drive back to PA that weekend no matter if the meet happens or not (which means, no meet, who wants to get together and fish anyway? :wink:). Let me here it guys, and gals, who is going to be able to make the meet?
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    Justin already mentioned a spot.Right below PNC Park.Good fishing there,330 yds at least of well lit shoreline,porta-john there,water depths frpm 8-30 ft.Metered parking on nearby streets and real easy to find.If you can find PNC Park your within shouting distance.Justins on vacation at the OBX right now,I think he,s gonna be gone for a week.This is his baby,I don,t know why they,d close the thread,maybe they moved it?:eek:oooh: