What Happened? - catching really small catfish maybe as big as my hand

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by durben, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. durben

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    I went fishing saturday night and i was only catching really small cats maybe as big as my hand why is that? And what do i have to do to catch a big cat ive never caught a big cat before.
  2. Itch2Scratch

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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    Try larger baits...fresh cut or live baits such as large minnows, shad, goldfish or blue gills...large cats will eat that type of bait over anything....good luck out there.:)

    Welcome to the BOC..:) The best darn catfishing site on the net bar none!

  3. catsmith1

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    Like itch said bigger bait may do it. The other day I went and my rod tip kept bairley moving everyonce in a while. I didnot think it was enough for the circle hook to be doing any good. We pulled up to move and there was a 4inch cat hooked. caught him on a cut shad piece about 1.5 inch square. Try different place also.

    Great article in Infisherman Catfish edition out now about habitat for cats. Babys like different stuff than biggins sometimes. Little different scenery might make the difference.

    Tite lines!
  4. catfish casanova

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    Sounds like we have the same problem. I'm going to change bait and location and report back.....
  5. treddinwater

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    Big bait=Big fish is the common motto. Welcome to the BOC.
  6. wolfman

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    Walter Flack
    As said above, go with the larger cut baits such as bluegill heads, gut pockets on bluegills, fresh cut shad and skipjacks,on the smaller shad try putting more than one on a single hook, cut mackeral, some members here have good results with cut river eels. Try large live shiners and creek chubs.
  7. explayer

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    I would change my spot and use differnt bait Welcome to the BOC
  8. WylieCat

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    There is always the chance that there are no big cats in the water you are fishing. If you are in a body of water where big cats are, they may just not be in the water you are fishing.

    I am not bank fisherman, but I catch a lot of 7-12 pound fish from the boat right off the bank in 1-3 foot water. If you are bank fishing at night, try casting up and down the bank from where you are. Chances are that you may be scaring away the big fish directly in front of you in the shallow water.

    By biggest blue, and it was only 33 pounds, was caught on a piece of gizzard shad about the size of three of your fingers. I catch 4-5 pound channels on pieces of shad and bream the size of one finger. I have seen them fish on the James River for 50+ pound blues using bait as big as four fingers. So that should give you some point of reference.
  9. photocat

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    durben- You must me listening to dinkbuster too much(his "pb" is in his profile pic ;) )... just kidding... sounds like your fishing the wrong area... bait size matters a little bit but unless you want to fish with whole 6 inch shad your still gonna catch fish in the 1/2 lb and maybe less catagories.... if they want the bait they'll grab it.... me, i can't seem to catch them small enough to fit into my photography tank... my smallest channels tend to be 11 inches or longer... even with minnow traps, cast netting and all that i can't seem to catch the smaller catfish (bullheads excluded)
  10. TNcat

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    Durben first of all welcome to the BOC, I think the guys befor me said it all. Good luck keep at it the BIG CAT will come.:)
  11. terrycook3

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    move to another area except during runoff conditions the cats will hang out with others the same age-the big cats dont hang out with the kids too often-try a diffrent area and use bigger bait!-gl to you
  12. kspor

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    Stop fishing in your aquarium. lol JK I would try not only bigger baits but also deeper water, different spots. You have found the nursery no you need to find the parents.
  13. Johnny316

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    This is very true. I have been fishing cats for 10 years. The first 7 years I was only using nightcrawlers and my largest wa a 5 pounder. The last 3 years I have caught severals 10 pounders 2 15 pounders a 1 18 pounders. I use a 7 foot Ugly stick a c3 baitcaster 60 pound gorilla line with 30 pound big cat line for my sinker (1 to 4 ounces) line on my 3 way rig and 1/0 to 4/0 hooks. Than I have a walleye pole to catch my bait (skipjack) using nightcrawlers.
  14. APD1146

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    Welcome to the BOC my friend.
    My brothers said it best I guess. The other day we were using skipjacks/herring cut in half, about 3-4 inches each piece and were catching cats in the 20" range. Of coarse where I was that was a good size for cats.
    Personally I would love to catch some cats 3-4" long to stock a pond or two I have in mind loaded with stunted sunnys and large shiners which they could grow big on.
    Tight line till next time.