What Gives?!?

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    Of course there is a plethora of theories on here about the weather and its effects on cats feeding routines. It seems to be the general consensus that fishing after a rain yields the most success. However, much like everyone else that throws a line in the water as much as we all do in search of the big'ns, I have to learn the habits of cats in the lake that I fish on the regular. So i offer these thoughts and want to hear what you guys think.

    I went out fishing this morning and it felt like rain as soon as the sun came up. I normally slay channels at around seven in the morning on my normal spot but not this morning. I caught a two pounder (maybe) on cut shad and a largemouth bass on a live bluegill. Nothing else. Not even any hits. Im thinking that the imminent rain after not having much over the last few weeks might have changed the feeding habits of the fish in my riverfed lake.

    However, I have clocked many hours on this lake this year and have fished prior to, during, and after rains. I find that I catch more cats during the dry spells than anytime when it is going to rain, is raining, or has rained. I always read posts praying for rain and I just dont have the success when it comes down.

    I have went out more than a few times this year in the rain and did nothing more than got soaked for no reason. I cant remember everytime that I have been out this year, but I do know that I have not caught one cat in wet conditions.

    So what gives?

    What is the basis of the theory that they feed more during these times? Im not trying to debunk anyones ideas. Nevertheless, its hard to argue with results (or lack thereof).

    So its been raining off and on all day and I am hitting the lake and/or river tonight after I get off work. If my track record this year means anything, I wont do too well. Give me some feedback here!:confused2::angry_2:
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    The rivers are affected more by the rain. But.....if you lake fish during and after a rain, I find that feeder creeks can be excellent. Cats, as do other fish, expect fresh food to be flowing into the lake at these spots.

    Maybe this will help.

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    Around my area the inlets is awesome after a rain for channels. I have not done to good with live bait. Seems like the cut bait is the meal ticket. It has been a very strange season for the catfish this year. I've posted elsewhere about all the excuses I have used an all were logical but my answer is like alot of others seems the warmer water has slowed the bite down. With fall almost on us the best fishing is yet to come!
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    I think that most of the guys that pray for rain, myself included, are mainly river fishers, and to us rain means moving water which in turn means moving bait fish which leads to moving and eating predator fish. The rain also generally cools the water down and this summer the water has been alot warmer then normal. These are just a few idea from an Ohio hillbilly but they seem to hold true, at least in my neck of the woods.
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    when the waters warm,it helps rivers and lakes both.i don't always fish in the rain,after it can be a good time,especially if the current picks up,especially where a feeder creek runs into a lake at.