What gives?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by tugrivercater, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. tugrivercater

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    went fishing with my cousion today at a new hole that dosent get much trafic, we had to "wade" the chest high weeds to get down there. we were fishing with med to large creek chubs live and cut. well we got GOOD hits on both. Id say we got about 50-60 rod bends in 2 hrs. the spot was where a good sized creek runs into the river. now for the interesting part.we never got one hook up untill the last bit when i took off the #4 kahel hook and put on a tiny treble hook with a piece of bait only on one prong about the size you would fish for a bluegille with the he hooked a 6 lb channel witch was plenty big enough to get the chub head with the #4 in its mouth. we got crazy bites and most of them would pull the rod out of your hand but only that one hook up.... what gives?
  2. laidbck111

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    the cut bait you were using may have been to big for the hook. you want some space in between the hook and the bait are else the hook won't grab. same with the live bait. Are the fish just didn't have time to swallow the bait for the same reason. These are just a couple of my opinions I am sure there will be more to follow from others.

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    Yeah hook size compared to the size of bait you're using has alot to do with not hooking up sometimes. I try to have my hook point exposed as much as I can, even when trying to bury my hook with livers so they'll stay on!:big_smile:
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    stinks when that happens just gets ya fired up and you try harder. and then gets ya mad.....
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    i had the same problen last week.. but i know my bait wasnt to big for my hook... it was just a bunch of channels were making runs and just wernt big enough to the size of my bait.. but it was alright with me cause i wanted flatheads anyways
  6. jailcop2

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    Make sure that hook is completley exposed .