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Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by flannelman, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. flannelman

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    what fish are running up in the northern atlantic area around long island? i m supposed to go to the south shore in a week or two and dont know what i should go after. if anybody knows, please tell.
  2. rpcathunter

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    Fort Worth, Texas
    Over sized black drum at Texas City. I'm going for 3-4 days starting the 18th, i'll be in the 23' hurricane deck boat straight out from the end of the dyke by the gas wells. Anybody come by and say hey these fish are a blast to catch (22-60 lbs ).

  3. Texas_Select

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    The TC Dike is bout 35 minutes from my house. I heard they are already killing those big brutes! I catch em in the surf from surfside to bryan beach. The bull reds are showing also right now and plenty of whiting in the surf (great for eating and also for bait!)

    I plan on camping the beach soon as the water temp continues to rise in search of sharks and bull redfish.

    Good luck on your trip!