what does it take to start a tournament trail?

Discussion in 'TOURNAMENT TALK' started by team salmon, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. team salmon

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    If anyone could shed some light on starting a tournament trail I am curious to know what it take i.e. insurance, sponsors, liabilities, etc. any insite would be great - word has it Kansas resevoir tournments are getting ready to see some changes and it would be nice to have
    some low end begginer friendly tournaments to attract future preticipents to the sport of tournament fishing. Thanks for any input!!
  2. neocats

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    Lots of time and planning. I'm not familiar with your local laws, so I will stay away from that topic.

    1. Decide what type of tournaments you want to run
    2. decide if you want to grow into something that takes a lot of time or stay with a program that takes 10 minutes to plan.
    3. coordination between the controlling authority over the body of water is a must

    I could go on and on....so it might be easier to ask specific questions. I am willing to offer any advice I can.