What does it mean to you to be a catfisherman?

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    Snowville, Va
    Several years ago, more than I would like to admit, I owned a 1976 Harley Davidson Electra Glide, a pretty thing it was the first and last motorcycle that I have ever owned. I had all the official Harley paraphernalia, hats, t-shirts, helmet, belt, jacket, vest, and a not so official Harley Tattoo that was done one night after I had already had several too many beers to drink, you get the idea; I played the part as good as anyone could have. But even though I had all that stuff and the motorcycle, people would walk up to me when the “scooter” wasn’t around, look at me and ask, “Do you own a Harley or just wear the shirt? Proudly I would proclaim “I ride a Glide, and yourself?”
    My brother died August 31st 1982 and he always wanted to ride that bike, but never got too, we fished a lot together as some of you have read and I guess that is what brought this story to mind today and I began to think about that question as it relates to me being a catfisherman.
    Am I a catfisherman or just wear the shirt?
    Am I a catfisherman? I do target catfish, but I haven’t caught a 70 lb. blue or a 50 flathead or even a 20 lb. channel cat, I can’t even say I have caught a catfish that was one of the biggest in the waters that I fish or that I know where to find the biggest fish in the waters that I fish.
    I have a 16’ Jon boat that I proudly fly the BOC flag over, so narrow I hardly have room enough in it for me and all of my poles, has 12 rod holders between the store bought ones and the ones I made from information here on the BOC, and I can almost fill them all with equipment that I have acquired over the years, both new and used from auctions and yard sales. Get a rod box full of homemade swimming noodle slip bobbers and bags and bags of snelled hooks that break off at the sneel a lot when I get hung up, because I think I didn’t follow Big Georges directions about snelling to the “T”.
    When I go catfishing, more often than not, in most people’s opinion I get what they call “skunked”, do I feel skunked? No, I got to be out there, I got to breathe the fresh air, I got to ride my little boat and sometimes that is like I think riding 8 seconds on Bodacious the bull, would be like, really rough and hard to stay on, but I love that ride.
    Seldom do I go that I don’t get to laugh at myself about something stupid that I did, like today I decide to go bank fishing for a couple of hours before work….fell down a steep bank, broke my bait pole off at the handle, broke my tackle box, now 2 of the three trays don’t fold open like they are suppose to when I open the box, because the braces broke that support them when I fell (probably cause they have about 20 lbs. of assorted lead sinkers in them) and now I feel like I truly rode 8 seconds on Bodacious the bull, pretty sore from head to toe, but when I fell I just started laughing and thought “Now that was stupid!” and I laughed some more got up and went on fishing.

    I can sit there all day or night, in the boat or on the bank, not getting any bites and when I go home, can’t wait till the next time I get to go and do it all again.
    If it weren’t for catfishing, I would not have gotten to see my first Eagle flying in the wild, right over my boat! (Now that was amazing!)
    I would have never found the BOC in a random internet search about Virginia catfishing, as I seen the name of an old friend from along time ago, Jeff Dishon’s in a post about being in the Virginia Hall of Fame of the BOC. (Where you at now Jeff? You have the only flathead catfish in the Virginia Hall of Fame and you are never on here any more!)

    What does it mean to me to be a catfisherman….I’m not sure that I can classify myself as a catfisherman, and I know I don’t belong in the same league as most everyone on the BOC when it comes to size of fish I have caught, so for now, to me, being a catfisherman means, Eagles flying in the wild, a since of humor, patience, excitement, old friends, new friends, falling down the bank, riding a rough little crowded boat, getting a new bait fishing pole, carrying a 25 lb. tackle box and best of all, having some of the best cat people in the world trying to teach me how to do it all better! Thanks brothers and sisters of the BOC for letting me hang out around here!
    I hope, eventually, I can actually not just “wear the shirt” but earn the title of being a catfisherman, and actually be able to catch big catfish!

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    steve I aint sure ya gotta catch big fish to be a catter shoot its where yer hearts at bro and think its clear ya need to fish(LOL) tight lines bro heading to the river she is wild and callin!

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    Charlotte , N.C
    Keep telling yourself you will catch a big fish (and use big bait) and it will happen. The largest fish I've caught so far is a 10.3 pound channel from a pond in a city park. With the rapid approach of the 1 year anniversary , I am setting my sights on even larger fish. There is a fish in this pond that nearly pulled me in one morning at 4:30 , got it to shore , it gave me a good view of itself , thrashed , and broke the line!!:angry:!! Needless to say this had me pissed , but I strengthened my arsenal , and am determined to catch that fish to this day!! Basically I could ramble forever about the big ones that got/get away , but I am too concerned with catching them!!
    That's what it means (or at least part of it) to me to be a catfisherman - the relentless pursuit of what others tell you is unattainable.
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    Cat man you are, only a true cat man could come up with that story.
    To be a cat man, I feel it is not the size of the fish, it how he use the pole :eek:oooh: :smile2: and the bait he uses

    Hope I was not to bad here:crazy:
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    To me being a catfisherman is someone who cares about the conservation of our sport.

    I care enough to release my fish so they can spawn and grow, to ensure the fishery is good for myself, my kids, and others who decide to take it up.
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    I used to be a bass fisherman, who is a convert. I tried carp for the fun of the big catch, but couldn't get them to taste good, and there was no challenge in it where I was fishing. I tried a different location, those Berkley corn flavored dough things for carp, but all I was catching were small channels. Those were GOOD to eat, almost as good as bluegill but a lot bigger. I found this site when it was the old site, sat back and learned. And I practiced what I learned. Now I can not boast of a huge fish (I did catch a 31" channel while bass fishing once), but never when targeting the catfish, I just like to catch a lot, and eat them. Any catfish over 25" is a big old fish in Michigan and I'd just as soon see him live and breed more fish with genes that get them to that size, so back he goes into the lake. Someday I'll expand my hobby and get a catfish boat for the rivers, learn to catch flatheads at night. But I gave up on bass, even sold my flat bottom bass boat because I didn't use it, I prefer bank fishing for cats. Never before while bass fishing have I consistently gotten 24" fish or 20 lb stringers and am able to have a fish fry. Big bass taste just nasty. These are small catfish and they are divine.

    I think I am a catfisherman. I target anything I can catch, I am not against the other species and I am opportunistic, but I go out after catfish. They are my favorite fish to eat, and although my hobby is limited to small channels and not 75 lb blues, I think that in Michigan I am a rare breed, nobody seems to care about the catfish at all here.
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    It means I can keep my sanity for one more day!
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    That was a great post Steve, I was just thinking about that the other day. I got skunked saturday night. A few runs and drops and I lost one reeling in my friends pole, fish came to the top and soit out an eel chunk like it was a bass lol. But I dint feel bad, I enjoyed the fresh air, enjoyment of cracking jokes and the conversation with my buddies. A couple beers, some pork skins and even the nap you sneek in at night. When I left I felt relieved, rested and relaxed, and couldnt wait for the next trip which will be this weekend. :big_smile: Thanks for the story Steve and if you're a real Catfisherman this story should make you think about it yourself
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    Sheridan, Ar
    Being a catfisherman means, Eagles flying in the wild, a since of humor, patience, excitement, old friends, new friends, falling down the bank, riding a rough little crowded boat, getting a new bait fishing pole, carrying a 25 lb. tackle box and best of all, having some of the best cat people in the world trying to teach me how to do it all better!

    Not sure if the others feel this way or not but you discribed me and catfishing. It isn't the size of the catch that makes ya a catfisherman it is the dedication and love of it
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    This is a great post. I love catfishing because of all the reasons given above and because I don't have to keep up with the Jones to enjoy myself. I can be plain o'me and I can sit back on enjoy a wonderful day on the lake. I don't have to impress anyone and catfish are great to eat. Thanks for all these post and thanks to all you catfisherman and ladies that make this a great site.
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    Very nice thread. You dont have to have any special qualities to be a catfisherman I am just a fisherman myself who targets catfish the most because they get the biggest around here. The thrill of the catch is what keeps me coming back. The fact that most of my friends are too busy drinking and alot of them ended up on drugs when my drug was adrenalin. The adrenalin you get when your out there and hook into something and the pleasure you get when you hold your trophy in your hand. I get this feeling with any size fish or type. When i was fishing for bait at a local stream i hooked a native brown trout that was not supposed to be there and had a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Its about nature, Its about fishing.
  12. Mickey

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    Steve thanks for sharing an Awesome post. It represents the thoughts of many of us fisherman. You explained it well. REps.
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    S.E Ohio
    The answer lies in the beholder of the rod an reel or what ever you may try an catch fish with. Myself it's all about the peace an quiet an the enjoyment to take others along an converse. It's not what you catch but the stories that are told or can be told if you happen to catch a big ole flatty.
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    You said enough to convince me right there.
  15. bedbug jr

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    For me it's about becoming one with my surroundings, the peaceful tranquility and communion with Mother Nature. If you're lucky then every now and then a big 'un will come along and get the old blood boiling for a while:roll_eyes::big_smile::big_smile: Stay safe and enjoy the moment!!!:wink:
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    South Caro
    GREAT post! My question is: "Do you still have the '76 Electra glide"? I see you have it in past tense, but I was still wondering.

    Bill in SC
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    Steve you keep on wearing that tee shirt.... and wear it proud....you've earned it ; )

    G'post...reps to ya


    It aint the size or quanity of the fish you catch that makes you a catman,it,s the passion and love you put into going after them.You have more than enough of those to cover you brother.I feel fortunate to call you both a freind and a fellow catman.:wink:
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    Philadelphia, P
    I don't have a $20,000 bassboat.

    I don't have $3,000 worth of waders, fly rods, and nets.

    All I have is heavy stout rods, weights, and hooks.

    Plus I love seeing a fish eat another fish.:cool2:
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    Puppypal, who can add more to this (dedication)