What do you use to carry all your gear

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  1. godsglad8tor

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    Riverside, CA
    i know some of you can get by on just a few items, but i seem to bring everything i can, i bank fish so carrying everything becomes quit a problem to pick everything up and relocating it to my fishing spots, i have a little carrier that has 2 wheels, bungee cord and handle with a flat platform, ive been thinking of buying one of those off road wagons with off road tires and making some custom modifications to it, anyone else need special moving equipment for their fishing materials?
  2. Ol Man

    Ol Man New Member

    I get my stuff in a backpack & 5 gal. bucket...

  3. FourWinds

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    Lawton, Oklahoma
    I seem to go from one extreme to the other... sometimes with not enough stuff and then to having too much stuff with me... kinda old-school about movin tho... the hard lug-it-around-while-wishin I was 20 yrs younger sorta thing... ahahaha
  4. dewboy24us

    dewboy24us New Member

    for awhile i had it made, had one of those 2 wheeled golf bag caddies that i could strap everything to, but it broke. so its back to just luggin it all.
  5. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    Ive been trying to keep everything in a small hunting fanny pack thing, and a bucket for any bait. I always feel like Im forgetting something though.
  6. rich-online

    rich-online New Member

    I use a daypack with plastic boxes inside. I'm set up to get to my fishing spot by bike.

    -- Rich
  7. stinky fingers

    stinky fingers New Member

    When I'm bank fishing I use plastic milk crates to load my stuff in.
  8. Love Them Cats

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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    When I go fishing, I plan on staying in one place for a while, so we bring a lot of stuff?

    I got tired of having to carry everything so I went and bought a little wagon with removable sides.
    It's not like a wagon you would buy for your kids, but one you would use to pull behind your riding lawn mower.
    I can load everything on it and strap it down and pull it where I want?

    Now, I'm just waiting for the water to go down so I can give it a try?

    I have tried it once, and I liked it, it sure beat making 3 - 4 trips back and forth to the car?

  9. Pirate Jerry

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    Yulee Florida
    I went to a flea market and found a kinda two wheeled fold up shopping cart. It don't take up much room in the trunk when folded and will carry a bunch when opened up.
  10. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    An Idea: Take your wife or girlfriend (not both) and let them carry everything. I know I"m in trouble. Sorry SOC. I didn"t mean it.:crazy:
  11. loppdawg69

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    Im with you in that i like to bring all that i can. I have gone from hard to soft tackle boxes, and i am currently using an Okeechobee (sp?) soft tackle box from walmart. It provides a strap and has ample space. I then use a 5 gallon bucket that carries all the "tools" that i need, pole holders, net, cutting board...plus is makes for a nifty chair. Lastly i use the carrying case of a foldup chair to hold all my poles, just slip em right in and use the drawstring at the top to close it, oh yeah and it has a carrying strap as well. Sounds like alot, but i can carry 6 poles, all my gear and a chair for at least 1.5 miles if need be.
  12. Montgomery

    Montgomery Member

    i also have a all terain wagon i use sometimes. i must say , it has its good and bad points though. even though its easier on the shoulders and arms. its hard to get it where you want . you cant just go walking through the woods with it . it will dump over or get hung up and stuck. its a pain. but i will sometimes though walk it as far into were iam as i can get . which is usually really close . and i leave it . at least it got me that far right . but i use it on those bike path the parks built. theres some ponds and stuff that are close to them and the river as well. and thats easy walking . paved non bumpy path , pulling gear in wagon. also great rod holders for me . i'll park it right by the river . and prop my poles up on it. works great. but i dont think the wagon is practical though. if you walk the river banks looking for new spots and stuff. basically where theres no path. then its usless to me . isn't worth the trouble. i am still trying to smooth out the trips carring my gear. my biggest thing is all my gear , plus 5 gallon buck half full of water and gills. there just aint no way around it getting heavy after awhile. .it has been what has stopped me from walking further to find better spots. i hate carring my bucket. then if i dont have live bait. all my gear is in the bucket , then i sit on it . just put my gear back in it when done . i dont use a tackelbox anymore. so its one less thing to carry
  13. jlingle

    jlingle New Member

    Altus, Okl
    I used to be a bidniss man back in the day, and I carried one of those wretched laptops for my job. Well I got sick & tired of the 12 hour days away from my wife & I quit the job, but my laptop bag stayed. I bought it, after all... so now it's the snazziest catbag you've ever seen. I call it "Stinky". I carry a clear plano box in it with swivels, hooks, weights, & all my terminal tackle on one side. On the other side of the bag are my catbobbers, glowsticks, scales, bugspray, sunscreen, etc. I also have a fannypack that can carry the necessities as well. I nearly always carry both, because I've usually got stuff spread out between the two. The fannypack is pretty snazzy as well, it has about 7 pockets & can handle one small tacklebox, an extra reel, a spool of line, a camera, weights, snuff, cellphone, etc.

    I know I could probably get by with less, but what the heck for? I bought it, I may as well have it available if I need it.
  14. catchaser19

    catchaser19 New Member

    I use a offroad wagon i bought at wal mart. It is a blessing i love it
  15. kscathunter

    kscathunter New Member

    i like his idea its always nice to have some help:wink:
  16. fishnfwl

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    South Cent
    I helped a buddy a while back in the winter put one together, we started with an old baby buggy he found at a yard sale, has the big bike type wheels we stripped it to the main frame and built up what and where he wanted stuff with diff sizes of plastic pipe, would hold everything and rolled well even in the rough river trails, ??
  17. ozzy

    ozzy New Member

    Lost Wages
    Heres my current buggy v.3

  18. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member

    Women solved the problem long ago.Heavy duty diaper bags!Shoulder straps or back pack.I have a large,heavy duty Codora Nylon shoulder strap model with all kinds of pockets and such that I bought new years ago.It has held up well and can be easily washed with soap and water.It has handy waterproof pockets for things that get wet.It also has "JEEP"in big letters on it.Found it in the baby stuff at Wal-Mart.A lot more for the price than the soft tackle bags found in sporting goods at the time."Good Will" & "Salvation Army" thrift stores often has fine bags for sale cheap.You are helping others with everything you buy there.Please make it a habit to shop with them when ever possible.We often forget that the donations are useless unless they can be sold.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  19. rushing

    rushing New Member

    I use a back pack right now, but I also have a chair and my rod and bait bucket.
    I have thought about a wagon but it wouldnt make it though the woods very good. I think I am gonna do the golf bag caddy thing but slap some larger BMX bike tires on it. Maybe have to film my own episode of pimp my golf caddy.
  20. jim

    jim New Member

    Jacksonville NC
    Im with PEEWEE,a woman solved this for me also.Shortly after we were married my now departed spouse presented me with the two most perfect tackle,junk and cooler carriers I have ever seen.They lasted a good long time to but darn it they eventually grew up and joined the services.Some say just to get out of carrying my stuff.Jokes on them if that was the reason because the Army gives you a lot more to carry!!!!:crazy::roll_eyes::smile2:The "Carriers" also did admirable service during Rocky mountain back packing trips particularly helping their mother carrier her endless supply of Hershey chocolate bars.Some fool told my wife that if you ate a chocolate bar before going to sleep you would be a lot warmer.Well I have to tell you any time we made a trip above timberline in Colo we had to take at least 600 Hershey bars!!!!!!which amounted to 200 apiece for me and the boys.Take your kids fishing and the stuff will get there to!:smile2::wink::big_smile: