What do you use for gar fishing

Discussion in 'Gar Fishing' started by catfish1516, May 8, 2006.

  1. catfish1516

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    Reidsville ,North Carolina
    For gar, do you fish bait under a bobber, or on the bottom, I fish in a river so it is very hard to bottomfish and not get snagged on something.
  2. fireblade101

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    wales england
    Hi mate am new to this site but I used to live in Melbourne Austrailia and found that fishing a quill float with about 4 to 6 ft of leader line underneath with a frozen prawn on a shank hook always got them for me Unsure if it works over there but I did very well Nick

  3. Hannibal Mike

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    Hannibal, MO
    You can catch them on top and bottom. I have had fun using the dead minnows on a slow day with no extra weight and below a light float for casting weight. Allow the gar to run 15 to 20 yards with the bait, then set the hook when it stops to swallow. Ironically, I have caught a lot of gar (by accident) while fishing pieces of shad on the bottom with a "Circle Hook". The circle hook would rotate and the point would catch them in the throat area where there is no bone. Just let them run a bit then set the hook. I look forward to going for the alligator gar sometime. Hannibal Mike