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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by jdstraka, Jul 27, 2006.

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    O.K. Here Is The Question. Tuesday July 25th I went up to Desoto Bend Its an Qxbow lake just off the Missouri River to try and catch a flat as I didden't feel like taking the boat because I would have to go up to the cabin to pick it up which is around 100 mi. so I was going to fish off the bank also diden.t feel like catching bait so i went to the bait shop and got 6 large chubs and they had some really big Goldfish in there tank so I said give me three of them big ones.Now I don't know where in the world they got them but they were real Perty,Orange and had white bellies and large white fan tails looked like they came out of some ones aquarium. man now if I was old Mr. Flat that would look like steak and lobster to me they were 10in. long also $3.00 bucks each.Oh what the heck we only go around once anyway they say. Not me though I'm comming back as a 100 pound flat. and drive you Guys CRAZY. So I get to the lake and set up just off a bunch of downed trees that the DNR had taken out on the ice when the lake was frozen and when the lake thawed they sank to create structure. Now I know for a fact that the lake holds large fish because june 15th this year I personaly weighed a #49 pounder for a fellow that diden't have a scale large enouge to do the job nice Fish and ya I hate that Guys Guts To L.O.L.and it came from that streach of lake. now I have one goldfish on one setup(abu 7700 Morium berkley E-cat#4) and a large chub on the other one(abu 7000c3 St,croix cat rod) fished for 3 Hours nothing touched the chub setup but the goldfish set three times the golgfish would just start going crazy bouncing the rod really active never a run just continualy bumpind the rod then it would stop and I would check it after about 15 min. or so and the Goldfish would be gone now I was fishing on the bottom just off the trees in about 8/10ft. of water on a shelf as where the trees are is 12ft, or so I know because I have run across it with the boat using sonar and I know they lay in there. this same thing happened all three times Goldfish would go Crazy get several good bumps then nothing bait would be gone and I had the bait hooked correctly in ihe tail in the top through the thick part of the meat useing #10 Kahlie hook. Now nothing ever touched my chub setups and they all remained alive. I know there are turtles in the Lake and maybe some gars although I have never seen one come out of there. I also Know that the lake holds some Large Walley as a copple years I boated a #6 pounder while drifting for channels with cut bait. So what do you Folks think? Turtles/Gar?large Walley or about a #150 pound Flat? L.O.L. Thanks J.D.Straka :smile2:
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    Could be anything, but my guess would be little flatheads or channels.

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    If it was me,I'd say it was the 150lb flat out there messing with it.:crazy:
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    You sound like an awesome guy and I can't wait to meet you. Reps to ya.
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    it could have been anythang but just keep trying and u will get it.
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    I say a big turtle when I use big goldfish when that big flathead comes along the bobber goes along with my bait clicker so i think it might be a big turtle!!!!!!!:tounge_out:
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    sorry to let you down, but if it was a big flathead, he would have swallowed that goldfish.
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    most likely lil cats, thats happened to me before too
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    Hey John, I've heard numerous people talking about DeSoto Bend. Is it on the Iowa or Nebraska side of the river? Also is it treated like the Missouri river where anyone having a valid fishing liscense for either Iowa or Nebraska can fish there?

  10. Georgiajack

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    John, At three bucks a pop I'd want to know what I was feeding too. If you keep losing your goldfish like that, get one of those under water cameras. Just slide that little fishy lens down to where you are fishin', and you should see what is prowling around. Don't paint it like a goldfish, you might pull up a empty cable. Good luck, Jack