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    just curious of what everyone thought of the game on sat. did the huskers get screwed... i'm kinda in the middle on this 1 second left or some bad calls on both teams and what not.. i'm not much of a husker fan but did feel kinda bad for them when that 1 second happened.. also i know i'm going to miss SUH next year... hope some horn fans chim in... nebraska held the horns off not bad for a team that was ranked 22 going up against the number 3 team...
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    GREAT game. No we didn't get screwed that was the right call to put the second back on the clock. That being said, the huskers played their ass' off and just came up short. You know if we wouldn've won this game and the game against V-tech we'd be in a BCS bowl game. Should be an interesting year for bowls game.

    Now one last note. MARK INGRAM FOR HEISMAN (only because Suh isn't in the running) Colt Mccoy should be taken to the whipping post. What the hell was he doing trying to run a play with 15 seconds to go. Way to go stupid you almost lost the game all by yourself.

    Pelini is bringing the swager back to the CORNHUSKERS, hopefully next year we'll have an O-line and Green will be better and that only means good things. GO BIG RED!!!!:smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2:

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    ohhhh hell ya we got screwed!!!!!!!!! if that was any other game it would have been over!!!!!!!

    how can they judge when the ball goes out of bounce to stop the clock?????????

    I know the ball went out, and hit the ground.....the clock expired and they blew the whistle.....the game should have been over....

    remember when football was filled with bad calls???? now every fcking play is under review!!!!!!!!!

    so I ask you this????? do they always put time back on the clock EVERYTIME the ball sails out of bounce?????? HELL NO THEY DON'T
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    Well listening to eveybodys' gripe about the outcome, I'll agree we got screwed too. The game was over!! The only reason they put the second back on the clock was, giving Texas the opportunity to make the field-goal. They didn't want a BCS mixup in the rating. Nebraska won that game hands down. They outplayed Texas too. The stats showed it!! Now for Bama to kick the chit out of Texas. Bama is for real!! I don't think Texas stands a chance against the offense of Bama!

    By the way, SUH is in the running for Heisman!! Ingram will probably get it though. He's one HE!! of a player!!http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/20.../07/final-ballot/index.html?section=si_latest
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    you guys ever been to a game when we start the suuuuuuhhhhhhh...
    intense!!!! maybe they need to do what they do in basketball??? go down to the 100th of a second. but really did mccoy throw it out on purpose?? if it had been ay other game they would have said over but yes they did have 1 second left. the game is over thats that.. now to go on to the next phase beat arizona.. did any of you see channel 3 news with bo after the game?? maybe the huskers said what was said in the bad news bears

    "just wait till next year''
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    pelinni should be punished for his behavior,not fricken patted on the back for it,the huskers are know as a class act everywhere we go,win or lose, his temper tantrum had no class or sportsmanship,If one of my kids acted like that at a school game, I would march out there and drag him off the feild myself!