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    Hey yall iam going fishin this weekend to a good lake with some big channel and flathead cats in it i found this spot i will be bank fishing and i think its a good sopt what do ya;ll think? its got an incomeing creek that feeds the lake the creek is big enough to get a bass boat up it and probably 20 to 30 ft wide where it dumps into the lake it is 10 ft deep and into a stump field do ya think this woul;d be a good place to try for some big cats i plan to run 1 line in the creek on botton or under a float and fish gills,bullheads,goldfish or shad and 1 rod in the creek mouth or just out from it in the main lake iam thinking the cats will move all round this area looking for spawning cover and looking for food but mainly for spawning cove but if i put a bait close to some good cover do ya think they will attack it to get it outta there so they can investagate it to see if they wanna spawn there? iam guessing they will follow the creek channel looking for food and spawning cover along the way as there roaming and looking they gotta eat dont they? what would you do and do ya think i have found a good spot to fish ? pls any info will help thatx ...will
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    sounds like your instincts are right on, from what I understand, big predatory fish love to hang around river/creek drainages to nab any fish coming into the lake from the creek..... i'd be more tempted though to put both lines in the lake, like you said, the only reason a cat might actually go into the creek is probably to spawn, and personally i've never had much luck getting spawning fish to bite