What do you take with you to your stand?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by derbycitycatman, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. derbycitycatman

    derbycitycatman Well-Known Member

    I take more than I normally need but the list goes something like this.

    Binoculars, call, scents(whether I plan on using it or not), cushioned seat,
    gutting knife, small paperback, bottle of water, maybe a pop, two extra tobaggans, they work great to keep your feet warm, couple of bananas, sandwich, if I already got a deer some deer jerky, TP, and something to p in.
  2. Bayoubear

    Bayoubear New Member

    near that hellhole dallas
    i take a gun of some sort with me up in the stand. anything else is seemingly secondary. hahahahahaha :D

    i park close enough to my stand i dont carry more than a call, maybe some water, after a few hours i like to get up and move around some anyway.

  3. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    My bow and arrows, range finder,rattling horns and grunt call, gut knife.
  4. crazy

    crazy New Member

    Kansas CIty, MO
    Ammo and gun or bow and arrow. Anything else is a waist.
  5. sgt_rob

    sgt_rob Member

    Bossier City, LA
    Gun Hunting Checklist

    In Truck:
    State regulations

    On Person:
    Orange vest and hat
    Walking stick
    Wind dust
    "Fanny Pack"

    In Fanny Pack:
    Surveyors tape
    Cover scent
    Toilet paper (wiping and marking)
    Snickers bars
    Qt. Water
    Sharp knife
    Drag rope
    Flash Light
    2 extra bullets
    Rattle bag
    Wool hat
    "Ready bag"

    In Ready Bag:
    2 AA Batteries
    Super glue
    Wet naps from MRE
    Safety pins
    Surveyors tape
    Zip ties
    Hot glue stick
    Leatherman Super tool
    Hard Arkansas stone
    Backup compass
    Duct tape
    Lip balm
    Water purifying tablets
    Pain reliever
    Gauze tape
    Electrical tape
    Parachute cord

    OK, before you say anything. I spent 8 years in Montana and went to Winter Survival School (Frosty Glade) three times. The stuff I toted into the woods evolved from that period. Before that, I was lucky to have a knife with me because the house and a tractor was so close.
  6. Big Country01

    Big Country01 New Member

    my weapon,thermacell,wter,a snack of some sort,grunt tube,cover scent,compass,flashliteand two way radio....
  7. derbycitycatman

    derbycitycatman Well-Known Member

    Sgt rob I thought I took alot.lol
    It depends on where Im hunting sometimes its just rifle, orange, bullets and water if iM stalking.
    On stand is where I take everything and the kitchen sink. Its great to snack and read without having to move. One of my buddies takes his gameboy.lol

    Well our states season opener was great, saw 2 does and a decent buck right at about715
    After a couple more hours I decided to check on the new stand the neighbors put. Then took a nap in passenger side of the trucka at 11,. Woke up a 3 and was ready to hunt again. Went back to same stand and leftearly.
    Walking back to truck i spotted a doe 75yds away. I dropped my pack and used it as a rest and took the shot. BOOM ran over and no blood :eek:
    I searched it for 22 minutes and nothing. it was dark so i would head home and find him tommorrow
  8. Ohio_River_Rat

    Ohio_River_Rat New Member

    Charlestown, Indiana
    Gun & ammor OR bow & arrows, pack, glow sticks(for marking the dead deer in evening hunts), calls, scents, two knives, drag rope, penlight, binoculars, antlers(Depending on time of year), cell phone.
  9. Whistler

    Whistler Well-Known Member

    I spent 9 years stationed in Colorado. My packs look a lot like Sgt Rob's. LOL Force of habit I guess. Anyway, it's way, way too much. LOL One thing I have started using here is the air activated hand warmers. A lifesaver in a treestand. And they have what's called Toasti-toes too. Flat adhesive toe warmers. They are unnoticable to me and I can't stand anything in my boots normally. They are comfortable and I haven't had cold feet of any kind since I started using them a few years ago. Before that, if it was really cold my feet seemed to freeze. Didn't matter what kind of boots I wore. Pac boots, Danner Artic boots(Matterhorns), 1000 gram thinsulate hunting boots too. Didn't matter they got cold. Cold feet equals me gone. LOL Thank goodness not any more though. I get them at Wally world. 1 pack is about 2 bucks. Worth every penny too.
  10. Catcaller

    Catcaller New Member

    Besides the obvious...gun, knife, warm clothes, binoculars, snacks/drink, ect....there is one thing lacking from what I have seen posted so far that can actually save your life. Don't forget a piece of rope that can be tied to your gun or bow so you can lift your weapon up to your treestand AFTER you have climbed up the tree. It's way too easy to forget that theres a chambered round...and a limb or whatever could accidentally discharge your weapon. Another thing for the neccessary list is a harness to keep yourself IN the treestand in case you doze off or lose your balance. There was a local guy in these parts that accidentaly fell from his treestand when he fell asleep and found himself lying on the ground...with one of his arrows impaled in his leg...which severed his femoral artery. He bled to death trying to get back to his truck...which was less than 100 yards away.
    Be careful out there...I don't want to see one of my brothers become a statistic. Safety is no accident!
  11. hookeye

    hookeye New Member

    First off, you should never carry , lift, or raise a loaded firearm up a tree, PERIOD! I have a permanently attached nylon rope on my stand so that I do not forget it,(Have done that before and had to walk back to get one).
    I take a backpack with me which I carry water,snacks/MRE,call,gutting accessories, 2 small flashlights and spare batteries, two-way radio, leave the other at home turned on just in case, stand has a built in harness but take a spare 4 point, pee bottle,toilet paper just in case,tylenol, can't tell you how many times been out and had a headache come on, a pack of rolaids, and a drag. I hunt the very back of my farm and when I go out I stay for the entire day, don't like to get out for lunch and what have you. I use a tree lounge stand with archery platform which allows me to stand up and stretch when I need to, or remove some clothing if it gets too warm,(which I can stuff into the backpack).
  12. Catcaller

    Catcaller New Member

    I agree totally. I rarely hunt a tree stand, but my buddy does. He goes as far as to take the bolt out of his rifle. That may seem paranoid, but we have all heard the horror stories. Also when hoisting your unloaded weapon up...always have the muzzle pointing downward just in case.
    There was a story in the news a year or two ago about a Missouri deer hunter that dropped his rifle from his treestand and it discharged when it hit butt first on the ground...mortally wounding him. He called 911...but they didn't reach him in time. He hung up from the 911 operator and called his wife and managed to talk to her on his cellphone before he died. This is a tragic accident, but it happens more often than anybody wants it to.
  13. Whistler

    Whistler Well-Known Member

    When I'm sitting in my treestand I take about 10 foot of rope and tie it off on the arm of the stand. It's also tied to the back of the rifle around the sling. If it falls, it will be pointed muzzle down and hopefully won't ever hit the ground. Extra added safety measure. Can't be too safe in my opinion.
  14. e5catfish

    e5catfish New Member

    Smilax, KY
    I've only been hunting for 5 years now and first started taking everything but the kitchen sink. Like Sgt Rob, I spent my time in the Marine Corps and like to be prepared. I thought of deer hunting like just another hump. My pack always weighed around 25 lbs. Nothing compared to a field pack but very noticeable humping the mountains here in Kentucky. After trial and error, I finally got the pack down to 12 lbs but since I always dress down going in, I had to carry the coveralls and rain suit which boosted the weight back up to well over 17 lbs. Just can't seem to keep it as simple as a gun and a knife!
  15. Big Nick

    Big Nick New Member

    McKinney TX
    Don't forget the nudy magazine. Just kidding