What do you read?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by flathead willie, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. flathead willie

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    I've been engrossed in a couple of books lately. I read the Al Quran a few weeks ago. I just finished reading one called "Early Man". I'm almost through another one I found at the DAV store a couple days ago called "Reason", by Robert B. Reich, and starting one called "The Ancient Orient", an introduction to the study of the Ancient Near East, by Wolfram von Soden. While reading last night, I got to wondering how many people on the BOC still read books in this age of computers, and what kind of books they read. How about it? What was the last book you read? What have you read in the last year? What are you reading now? What was your favorite book?
  2. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    My library right behind where I sit at this moment, has over 500 books, I have read. All but a few are reference & history books. I'm not one for novels too much. I do have a collection of James Michner books, Centinial, Texas & Alaska are the best. A couple of original volumes of "Lives of Game Animals" by Ernest Thompson Seton. The entire set of TimeLife "The Old West" in buffalo bound. Most of the "Foxfire" set. Two shelves of my old Criminal Justice reference library, some from college, some from academy days. One shelf devoted to all I could find on catfish, another for whitetail deer. Two shelves for winemaking, one for gardening.

    Each shelf being 6 ft long, makes up for quite a few books.

  3. BKS72

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    East of KC
    I read constantly - mostly history. My wife calls me a loser because I read college history textbooks for enjoyment every now and then:smile2: Lots of WWII history, but also ancient Mediterranean history as well. I enjoy being able to kind of follow the trajectory of an empire like Rome or the Ottomans from beginning to the (usually) bitter end. Right now I'm switching back and forth between a book on Allied POW's captured by the Japanese and a history of the Russian Revolution. I'm in desperate need of some new books, so a trip to the bookstore is in my near future. I like the library, but I love having books around and almost can't stand to give back a book I really like, so I'm better off buying them. I like finding a book I remember really liking on my bookshelf after almost forgetting about it and re-reading it - kind of like finding that $5 bill in an old pant's pocket:wink:

    Not sure of a favorite book, probably "The Forgotten Soldier" by Guy Sajer.

    As far as fiction, I really enjoy Lawrence Block (mostly his short story collections) and John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee series, although I've read them all.

    Kutter, I've read and re-read that Foxfire series I don't know how many times - some of the only books my dad has at his place. I still like to read them when I'm there.
  4. Ulikedew

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    Georgetown IN
    Lets see where do I start:
    Have all the Tom Clancy books
    Love to read Jonathan Kellerman books (Mystery)
    Clive Cussler
    Louis L'Amour
    these are just a few I read.As for periodicals always have been a fan of Readers Digest.
    Also have about 50 Mack Bolan Stony Man series
  5. Wabash River Bear

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    I'm a Tom Clancy fan myself. I've got a lil collection going, these I have in hardback:

    The Sum of All Fears
    Without Remorse
    The Teeth of the Tiger
    Debt of Honor
    Executive Order
    The Bear and the Dragon

    And these I have in paperback:

    The Cardinal of the Kremlin
    Red Rabbit
    The Hunt For Red October
    Clear and Present Danger
    Red Storm Rising
    Op-Center, Acts of War
    Op-Center, Mirror Image
    Op-Center, Games of State
    Power Plays, Ruthless.com

    I have not read them all yet, but thats what I do in the winter months. Any other T. Clancy fans out there?
  6. plainsman

    plainsman New Member Supporting Member

    The last book I read was about China during the revolution. I've read a few books on Chinese history, culture, etc. War history, battle history, lately mainly concentrate on hunting, fishing, and my trade magazines.
  7. PeeDee Cat

    PeeDee Cat Member

    The Bible and the Big Book Of Alcoholics Anonymous and anything else I can get my hands on.

    PEEDEE CAT:big_smile:
  8. baitchunker

    baitchunker New Member

    i used to be a heavy reader. i was a slave to the louie l'amour books, including his autobiography. but, i also enjoyed a lot of classic lit. i too, read history and literature books for fun. at some point i began to read more and more magazines. mostly about hnting and fishing, (occasionally a "bunny mag for the articles). eventually my wife Amy became an a. manager at Barnes and Noble. i think she is in charge of a few different sections of the store, but the only one i ever hear of is the kiddie section. strangely enough the more she reads the less i read. i dunno. guess i just got bored with it.
  9. catfish kenny

    catfish kenny New Member

    I have not read anything of late but Tom Clancey -Without Remorse is one I think alot of probably a favorite?
  10. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    Oh, come on JD, give her a chance. Hell, she puts up with you! While that may bring her own sanity into question, at least it shows she has pity for poor little defenseless animals.:crazy:
  11. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    I dont have the attention span to be able to read a whole book. My reading consists of being on the internet mostly. Ill start off on a subject and click click click its 2 in the morning. I'm mostly into cultures and the resources of there land.
  12. baitchunker

    baitchunker New Member

    i dunno who has or hasnt read it, but because we are all outdoorsman i would like to recommend 3 books. "the old man and the boy" "the old mans boy grows older". and you aint read nuthin' till you read "the sea wolf"!
  13. swampratt

    swampratt Member

    My brain can't remember people's names well so a lot of reading is jibber.

    what i read is mostly about what i do , mechanic, -contractor.
    My life revolves around numbers ...i have a great memory for numbers ,charts and specs...I can tell you the cam specs and clearances of every engine i have built...
    but i couldn't tell you who else was in romeo and juliet ..and the girls dressed me up as juliet in 9th grade literature class:crazy::embarassed:
  14. ncfowler

    ncfowler Well-Known Member

    I read mostly tech manuals, sounds a little strange, i also read up on serval sites that have on-line books that i can download to my laptop. right now i am re reading the compleate angler. i have a second addition in print but don't want to play with it.
  15. oh no

    oh no New Member

    Mostly INTERNET, Drudge Report, BOC and lots of research on different subjects.

    My favorite author would have to be Mark Twain. I can get lost floating down the river pretty fast.

    These darn computers and Google have made the need to go to the library obsolete, except to get old movies on DVD.
  16. Scott Daw

    Scott Daw New Member

    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    My reading is on herpetology & aquarium culture along with huntin & fishin mags. When my daughter was born, we boxed my books to make way for the dr seuss & golden books collections.
  17. Esox Hunter

    Esox Hunter New Member

    Birmingham U.K.

    I must admit that since joining the B.O.C. I haven't done much actual BOOK reading, but below are my all-time top 5.

    (1)...Jack the Ripper, 100 years of the world's greatest murder mystery - (Colin Wilson )

    (2).....The Best Of Eric Frank Russell - (Sci-Fi comedy & Irony)

    (3)..... By Reason Of Insanity - (Horror - Shane Stevens).....Stephen King claims to being a HUGE fan of his.

    (4)...... Misery - (Stephen King). The book is MUCH better than the movie.

    (5)...... The Hanneman Sequela - (Sci-Fi Psychological Thriller)..... I Googled it but can't find it. If written correctly, this book would have had a twist ending that would have blown "Usual Suspects" to kingdom come.

    Hope I've given one or two of ya some food for thought. :wink::wink:
  18. SweetSymphony672

    SweetSymphony672 New Member


    I don't read as much as I used to unfortunately, but I do try and
    take some time to read a good book!
    I've been reading books by Darren Shan, another version of Stephen King, although I would like to read a Stephen King book.

    It only took me about 3 hours to read a book of about 400 pages lol:smile2:

    But now, it's all non-fictional books, and revision books :angry:
    Then again, I'm reading alot of books on Geography, today I even predicted the weather and I was right!:smile2:

  19. postbeetle

    postbeetle New Member

    Willie, if it is printed I will, I have and I will continue to read it. It has varied each stage and age of my life. What I read when young is not what I read now and vice versa. I read those I disagree with, I read those I agree with, I read those I don't understand, and I read those who allow me just to forget about life as I might be living it at any given moment in time.

    Woodrow Wilson is quoted as saying "I would never read a book if it were possible for me to talk half an hour with the man who wrote it." I understand what 'Ol Woody meant, only I completely disagree. A half hour with anybody you just met is usually "Hi how are ya. Nice day. How are the kids? How about a beer?" By the time you can really listen to him the half hour is up. And what about the guy who is already dead. I would love to spend some time with Thomas Jefferson or 'Ol Abe Lincoln, just not possible.

    A book by anybody is but another man's mind. I would rather converse with that person mind to mind than face to face any day. Only in those paper pages that that tree was sacrificed for can I do that. I finished a book yesterday and I will start one today. Don't know what it will be, but I will grab something. I might even read someone's mind I see on here.

  20. gardengrz

    gardengrz New Member

    thats my kind of library :big_smile: :cool2: