what do you pay for your deer?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by massa_jorge, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. massa_jorge

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    i do my own processing, but as we were butchering some deer and a pig a couple days ago, me and the boys began discussing what a processor charges to cut up a deer. i have always done my own cutting and was curious... starting weight, field dressed, amount of meat you receive, and total cost. thanks a lot.
  2. Blue Duck

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    Very interesting question. Ill have to check around. I have butchered my own (doing one today) for fifty or so years now, so I can't answer your question. I do know from what people say that having your deer made into sausage will cost nearly what you would pay to just buy it in the store. Its not that hard to cut up your own. You know what your getting, you know how it was done and it don't cost much. Game butchers would go out of business if they had to rely on me.....

  3. Dirtdobber

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    Vian Okla
    Most of them around here have a flat rate of $75 to cut and wrap. They cut every thing they can into steaks and grind the rest. If you want something different the price changes according to what you want.

    I have always done my own.
  4. roadkill636

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    warrenton misso
    arround missouri most places are arround $100 for the most basic processing, you will receive about 40% of the hanging weight back in meat, IF it was shot high in the neck and no meat was destroyed, many places cut WAY arround a bad area that a bullet passed thru and drasticly cuts down on your take home meat.
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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I also process my own, so no cost for me. My uncle has his own processing business and he is the cheapest around, starting at forty dollars. For that price, he will cut it up how you want it and put all the meat in a garbage bag. For 50 dollars, he will wrap it individually. He also makes jerky for an extra cost, and if you want bologna, he has another business make it for you. I have never had to pay for processing, but I know I wouldn't be shooting as many deer each year if I had to pay for it.
  6. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    Where I have my deer processed the minimum is 55 dollars for skinned
    cubed, and buger. Anything else is by the pound. If you want your deer
    made into smoked sausage its an extra 1.50 per pound.
    Get this. Hogs are a catch 22. The deer processer can not process hogs
    because they only can process wild game. Hogs are not classified as a
    game animal. The slaughter house will not process wild hogs because
    they are not domestic.
  7. slimdaddy

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    Nelsonville, Oh
    65.00 around here just skinned and cut, wrapped any thing else is extra
  8. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    (Res)Hunting licence - $20
    (res) Deer Permit (2 deer) - $30
    (Res) Bonus Deer Permit (2 antlerless)- $15
    Prosessing Fee (min) - $60

    for the first 2 deer if you have them processed you are looking at $110. if you figure on getting 40 lbs of acutual processed meat off of an average doe you are looking at around $2.75 per pound. If you are paying for someone to process the meat for you, you can buy a lot of cow for that price.
  9. 223reload

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    I've allways cut my own ,That way I get my deer cut just the way I like it,and am assured that I am getting mine and not someone elses. Years ago I used a meatsaw{hand} to split and cut the carcass just like a beef,But nowdays I just bone it all to save freezer space. I do however keep cuts that most folks throw away,Venison ribs ,are one of my favorite "throw away" grilled and bbq ed they are great.
  10. rrssmith

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    It's good to know a meatcutter!!!!! I have a friend who is the main butcher for local business in town he charged me $60 to cut up three pigs and vaccum pack all the meat, made me some sausage also
  11. playin4funami

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    Saronville Ne.
    cut up my own deer,got pretty good at it there for awhile,our buther charges by the lb live weight for butchering hogs and cows around .40 cents a lb cut and wrapped and labeled,smoking costs 35 cents a lb. extra for bacon or whatever you want.
  12. Kip Brandel

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    Glasgow, Kentuc
    I cut and wrap my own. My uncle and his friends had it down to a science and from the first cut to bones in the trash and the cutting room cleaned was about 20-25 minutes tops. It was almost scary to see 2 people cutting away on a hanging deer as fast as they would work.
    223. I am with you on the ribs.... Put them in a tray of water that covered the ribs and slow cook them until the tallow stops coming out. Let it cool and take the tallow off the top of the water. Take the ribs out, rub them down with seasonings and smoke or BBQ them. MMMmmm
    It is also hard to beat a good neck roast with carrots, sweet potatos, onions, potatos, celery.....
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  13. catfisherman369

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    Nashville Il.
    Had a whole deer turned into links and sausage last year . Had 30 sausage's and 40 pounds of links . Cost 265.00 . I field dressed it . They skinned and deboned etc.
  14. flathead willie

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    I cut some of my own when I have the time. For years I've been using the same processor but they recently changed owners. It costs me $60 per deer, aged, skinned, cut any way I want , and wrapped. Summer Sausage is extra, but I make my own. The main reason I use a processor is that it can be pretty warm here during the season and the meat has to hang for a few days to age it, and I use a lot of hamburger so I usually have a whole deer ground. A few years ago I worked at a meat processor and had access to a walk in cooler where I hung my deer. A bunch of us would all bring in deer and then come in after work and use the massive grinders and sausage stuffers to make 4# sticks of great summer sausage, then take it to a smoker in Blacksburg. I miss being able to do that. I'm looking for a good commercial grade grinder right now so I can go back to doing all my own deer. I usually put 5-8 deer in the freezer a year. Last year I didn't have time to cut them all so it cost me $360 for 6 deer, and the other two I did myself.
  15. Welder

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    I debone everything and get about 35% backin meat. A ol no 32 hand grinder is my friend for buger, sausage and Jerky. I end up with 15 to 25 lbs of just burger off each deer. I cut my own steaks and back strap with a ol butcher knife and a elect fillet knife. I just put it in 1 qaurt ziplock freezer bags and deflate the air out of em.
    Cost of the grinder was about 50 bucks some years back
    bags 6 bucks
    time 3 to 6 hrs depending on the size of deer
    I fugure I spend $15 to process my own
    They charge $100 to $150 to do it for ya around here.
    I am shure I come out ahead :big_smile:
  16. Arkansascatman777

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    I always cut my own but the local processors around here are anywhere from $45 to $100 depending on how you want it. And even at that price they all make a killing :crazy:.
  17. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    The cost of freezer bags and bullet replacement if I don't call Julio and tell him where the deer is laying. If I call Julio then it is just the cost of replacing the bullet.:smile2:
  18. plainsman

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    My brother in law is a meat cutter, its amazing how fast he can skin, debone and cut a deer up. Also then vacumn wrap it. He used to work a meat cutter after his regular job and knows how it goes, cut up your deer, weigh it and throw it in the pile, ya get back that much meat. So he does his own, got grinder and sausage stuffer too.
  19. bnt55

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    Northern KY
    This is the first year I am going to butcher the deer myself...sorta nervous about it but I think I can manage, I skinned and quartered out my Bro in laws deer pretty quickly so hopefully the butchering part will go ok as well. I am sure I will mangle a few deer till I get the hang of it...:eek:oooh:. I found a pretty good site that shows the process and that is what I have been reading about lately.
  20. Hawk52

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    I pay 65 for the basic cut and wrap. also pay 25 for a tag and lisense. and around ten on bullets. so around 100 total.