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I find that the most important thing to have in my vest IS ME! :smile2: :smile2: :smile2: Seriously pockets pockets and more pockets, also should be comfortable enough that when you wear it its feels like it's not there.

Don't load it down with your complete tackle box of goodies. Think lite remember you will be carrying(wearing) it all the time.

I mostly only fish using lures so I usually only have 6 or 7 different ones with me, and they all fit in a small tackle box that fits nicely in one of the front zipper pockets.

Other than my small box that fits in my larger zipper pocket in front, I keep a small spool of 2 and 4lb vanash along with 2 - 4 different small packets of different sizes of split shot. Also keep a pack of #10 mosqito hooks. Sometimes I will have a small container of wax worms or other type of live bait (worm). Of course thats only when I don't know in advance what is bitting in the area I go.

Friends that I fish with have so much tackle with them its funny. They carry around about 7 - 10 lbs of "Things the have to have with them to fish properly".

My advice would be this, put everything that you think you will need to fish for an 8 hour day on the table. Then put 1 (one) item in each of your 6 pockets (4 in the pants and 2 in the shirt) that is how much you need to take.

Now if you fly fish then just disregard what I have said, cause I don't flyfish.
I have seen people who flyfish, have a nice 4" x 6" container filled with about 50 different flies, a net and a small spool of line (tippit?) and that is all they have with them.

I hopethis helps.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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