what do you need in a trout vest

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    looking to buy a new trout vest but i need to know what i need in one.I do most of my trout fishing in missouri at trout parks.I have a bass pro and a cabelas close but the price ranges from 30 to 200 $.What makes one trout vest better than the other.
  2. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    I have a basic vest from cabelas. Its got plenty of pockets including a large one in the bag like a hunting vest does for small game. My problem is I have to search all the pockets for what Im looking for because I tend not to put everything where it was when I stocked the vest.

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    im originaly from Northern NEvada and grew up fishing for trout in every kind of water. i own 2 vests. one costs about 20 the other 130. they both serve the same puposr except my more expensive one is much lighter and has heavier padded straps for over the shoulders and open back and mesh from so it breaths good. here is what i would say you NEED in a vest. pockets to hold your lures, hooks, leader, sinkers, and flys. i hate the little wool patches to stick hooks in but to each is own. make sure you got room for what you need and that its comfortable to wear if you fishin somwhere youll have it on a while.
    hope that helps ya out

    ROCKFORD New Member

    Make sure it has a loop in the back for a retractable cord to attach your net...
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    I would say the most important thing is that it is comfortable. Most all of them have lots of pockets---I too tend to search around for where I last put stuff :roll_eyes:

    One of those retractable cords are handy to hold a pair of nail clippers on it fr when you have to change flies.
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    You need lots of pockets!
  7. irishangler

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    I've fly fished for 40 years and have done some part time guiding for the last 7 and I can make an argument that you may not want a vest. Most fly fishing companies seem to be moving away from vests to a hybrid-type of backpack with some additional pockets on the front straps. The worst thing about a vest is most folks see all of the pockets and feel they have to put something in them. You'd be surprised at how heavy a vest becomes when loaded with too many fly boxes and gadgets. I know that my shoulders feel much better after long days on the stream now that I no longer wear a vest. And, they can be pretty hot. If you're fishing smaller streams (mid-thigh or shallower) I'd recommend a simple fanny pack that can hold a couple of medium fly boxes. That's another thing...most fly fishers carry around way too many flies and often carry patterns that aren't native to their home waters. A really helpful tool is a lanyard around your neck that puts most of your tools, i.e. nippers, forceps, floatant, tippet, etc, at your fingertips. If you get into deeper water that might soak a fanny pack, simply wear it over one shoulder. Let it hang under your non-casting arm. I have a William Joseph "Hook Net" that has a loop in the handle that lets it hang from your wading belt and eliminates the need to awkwardly yank a net from behind you. Plus, if you use your net once it soaks the back of your vest after you reattach it.
    I don't mean to throw off on vests, but wanted to share some of my experiences as a previous wearer of one and observer of those who still do. Fly fishing puts a lot of stress on your lower back and shoulders already and I've seen clients struggle later in the day to maintain good casting mechanics after they became fatigued, sore, or usually both. I'm finding myself ridding newer fly fishers of more than half of their fly gear before we hit the water and have to yet to hear anyone complain that they were caught without something during our trips. Good luck on selecting your gear and even better luck on the water.

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    well for me I need as many pockets as possible. if there is a pocket on my vest I will have something in it. most of all I need a pocket for my small box of hooks and sinkers, I need a loop on the back for my net, very important to me is a open back pocket because I keep my fish and I put them in a ziplock bag in that pocket, and I need at least 3 pockets for different powerbait & eggs, then one for mealworms & one for nightcrawlers. I think that would hold me but the more pockets I have them more I carry. thats something to think about because at the end of the day I regrete carrying all that stuff. it gets heavy
  9. Brock

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    I'll add my two cents in on the fly fishing vests. During winter, a full vest is a good choice,along with a water proof jacket and wool gloves, but Summer heat is a killer when wearing a full vest at least it is here in Oklahoma and Arkansas. When the summer heat hits, I toss the vest and go with a fanny pack type arrangement along with shorts and wading shoes... yeah, the trout water is a little cool on the legs without waders, but man it feels good when it's 105 in the shade and 85% or higher humidity.

    Look around in Wally-World or a similar discount store in the sporting goods department. They often have a type of fanny pack made for fishing that will let you haul all your flies, tippet, leaders, floatant, and a pack of twinkies around with you on the stream. Bass Pro shops has a White River 4 in 1 pack that is really inexpensive and should serve you well in both winter and summer with its open chest design. Check it out on-line. Whatever you decide, good luck and tight lines!
  10. catfisherman_eky3

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    I like to have all kinds of flys, etx
  11. Turtleracer

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    I find that the most important thing to have in my vest IS ME! :smile2: :smile2: :smile2: Seriously pockets pockets and more pockets, also should be comfortable enough that when you wear it its feels like it's not there.

    Don't load it down with your complete tackle box of goodies. Think lite remember you will be carrying(wearing) it all the time.

    I mostly only fish using lures so I usually only have 6 or 7 different ones with me, and they all fit in a small tackle box that fits nicely in one of the front zipper pockets.

    Other than my small box that fits in my larger zipper pocket in front, I keep a small spool of 2 and 4lb vanash along with 2 - 4 different small packets of different sizes of split shot. Also keep a pack of #10 mosqito hooks. Sometimes I will have a small container of wax worms or other type of live bait (worm). Of course thats only when I don't know in advance what is bitting in the area I go.

    Friends that I fish with have so much tackle with them its funny. They carry around about 7 - 10 lbs of "Things the have to have with them to fish properly".

    My advice would be this, put everything that you think you will need to fish for an 8 hour day on the table. Then put 1 (one) item in each of your 6 pockets (4 in the pants and 2 in the shirt) that is how much you need to take.

    Now if you fly fish then just disregard what I have said, cause I don't flyfish.
    I have seen people who flyfish, have a nice 4" x 6" container filled with about 50 different flies, a net and a small spool of line (tippit?) and that is all they have with them.

    I hopethis helps.

  12. Stubby

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    Billy you say you fish mostly parks and local ares. I'm asuming you don't fish out of a boat -like I do when i go to tany como. Go with the fanny pack and you'll have enough room for a a weeks worth of lures or power bait. and throw the Browns back, yea sure.
  13. montgomery#1

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    ogden utah
    Get a basic set up. Thats all you should need. Trust me ive got a vest that i made out of an old hunting vest. works better than most 200 dollar ones. hope this helps some and saves you couple bucks.
  14. slabmaster

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    i'e got a winter vest . a summer vest for day it has a mesh back in it. i also have a summer vest for night (it is like my winter vest) . all my vest's are hodgeman and i like them . i tried cheap vest's and i have tried high end simms vest's. i don't think i paid over 80 bucks for any of my hodgemans. one other thing i will throw in to stir the pot is chest packs. last year i put together a chest pack for night time fly fishing and liked it so much that i bought another for my day time pack. the ones i have are called joseph something ( i can't remember the last name at the moment). the thing i like about my chest packs is that they are on a strap and you can swing them back around behind you after your thru digging around in it. it doesn't get in the way while your stripping line or landing fish. the only draw back i see in chest packs is that there is not a very good place to hang your landing net. i always wear a padded wadeing belt for back and kiddney support so when i wear a pack i have a magnetic catch on my belt to hold the net.i was a hard core traditionalist but i must say i think chest packs make a better tackle platform than a vest. just my .02 cents. hope it helps.
  15. slabmaster

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    chest packs are William Joseph . you can google that name or see most of what they have to offer at cabelas web site.