What do you look for in a drift fishing rod?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by kitsinni, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. kitsinni

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    I have noticed that I get a lot more fish on certain rods when drift fishing. My catmaxx poles just don't seem to have enough action to get good hook sets while drifting. They work well if a monster grabs it but a lot of times the rod is so stiff it seems to set the circle hooks a little early which leads to them getting off more. I noticed on an American Spirit rod I catch a lot more fish and it is very bendy, probably more than I want. I am leaning towards getting some Ugly Stick 7' Medium action Tiger rods for drifting and keep the catmaxx poles for flathead fishing. What do you guys look for in a good drifting rod?
  2. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    If I'm controlled drifting Or drifting with the rods in the holders. I like a med action or Med Heavy Action. Rod tip has to give some then have a good backbone. That way the fish can start loading the rod then hit the working part of the rod.
    That or run the drag where it gives some allowing the fish to get turned with the bait when using circle hooks. This gives the fish time to turn and you time to put pressure on the fish to set the circle. Lots of times if the fish are hitting and not getting hooked. I drop my rod tip to them, this gives them say 3 to 5 ft of extra line. Doing this allows me to hookup with about every fish that hits.

  3. catfishinsc

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    All of mine are the 7' Med-Hvy Ugly Stik Catfish rods. I especially like that they're white so they're a lot easier to see in low light. I've replaced all of my black rods with these that had similar actions.
  4. Catmanblues

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    Hope your having alot of good luck on the drift. Usually don't get to do much of it unless I'm with a buddy of mine.
  5. Mickey

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    The 7' med action tigers work well for drifting.
  6. Southerncats

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    I didn't like the tiger stick I had....too soft on the tip....try the Catfish Safari rods, they load up better than any rod I have had....drifting or anchoring the lake rod is hard to beat....better than the nitestick IMHO and I have fished with them for years.
  7. SouthernCatdaddy

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    I just started drifting but i caught a 32 on my 7'6mh catmax this weekend and it set the hook real good. I kinda like the stiffer rods my self. I dont get a good hook up with the flimzy ones. I have heard alot about the tiger rods though they are supposed to be good for driftin
  8. jim

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    I use Penn slammers which are like pool cues but have a reasonably flexible tip.If you are having trouble with your hookset using circles on the stiff rod.Switch to wide gap circles or Kahles.That will up your hookup ratio I'm sure.Give it a try wont cost much.:big_smile:
  9. Flamekeeper

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    Ultra-Light, L, ML, MH, H, XH,XXH --ALL represent THE POWER OF THE ROD,

    The rod that you have described (bendy/ the Flexing of the rod) which represents THE ACTION OF THE ROD.and is identified by the portion of the blanks that flexs as described here,

    X-Fast; upper 20% flexs

    Fast; upper 30%

    Med-Fast; upper 35%

    Mod-Fast; upper 40%

    Moderate; middle flex point

    Slow; Flex progressive from the tip to the butt section.

    Drifting and circle hooks; I would say Your looking for a 7'6"-8' Moderate Fast or Med-Fast ACTION rod(blank) in about M/Hvy POWER. Not only would the M/F action help in the fighting of the fish, It would also allow the fish to load the rod smoothly before-hand. and you would have the M/Hvy power to do the fighting for you.

  10. Cherokee Rod Man

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    Eufaula La
    Thats our favorite method here on Eufaula lake most of the year and we run 9' med. Tough Sticks and SWB80M's in 8-0' 1pc. most of the time they have the right load-up when then they hit and dont pull the hook out until he's hooked up.
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  11. dougc

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    If you are actually holding the rod while drifting (as opposed to using rod holders), a good lightweight graphite rod will help you feel the features of the bottom as well as allow you to fish more comfortably for a longer period of time. The rod I've been drift fishing with is the Phil King Driftmaster #3 by the Rod Shop in KC, paired with an Abu 6500 line counter model. You can easily distinguish changes in bottom composition with the graphite rod, and it has enough backbone to handle the biggest fish, as proven at the Big Cat Quest where Phil King brought in a 103lb blue cat to the scales.
  12. SW Hunter

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    I really like the 9ft ToughStick it has a great tip in it and alot of backbone to land any fish. There a custom E-Glass rod that Cherokee Rod Com. builds they have a 10ft also in the ToughStick line and also has some 7ft and 8ft E-Glass rods in different actions. I have them both and would recomened to anyone in any type of catfishing you do they can make it. Get a hold of Cherokee Rod Company. He goes by Cherokee rod man. I hope this will help you.