What do you hunt With..

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by puddle jumper, Aug 14, 2009.

What do you take to the Woods

  1. 30-30 or 35

  2. 30-06

  3. 270 or 280

  4. 243

  5. 22-250

  6. 7 mag

  7. 300 mag or 338

  8. 308

  9. 7mm-08

  10. Other:"I know Im forgetting some good ones,,"

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  1. puddle jumper

    puddle jumper Well-Known Member

    I no,, :confused2:
    Here we go again with the best deer gun, Sorry,:eek:oooh: but I was wondering what do you actually take to the woods when you are hunting...Just seems like I go back and forth on a good gun for deer,,,,,I started with a 30-30 growing up, Then the big gun took over in me and I got a 7 mag but I got to tell you I never really liked it, just to much gun for me to hunt deer,, So now im using a 270 and its ok but im thinking of back tracking again to a 243, or a 22-250 or maybee going back to my roots with the trusty 30-30 of 35 lever which when it boils down to it was my fav. gun so far anyway...:roll_eyes:

    I hunt in wood's where most of my shots are close, 75 and in, So I dont need a reach out and touch it gun,,,

    So #1 what do you use, and #2 any info would help...

    Thanks guys
    oh, and one other note not real interested in going slug gun...
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  2. stoney53

    stoney53 Well-Known Member

    my first gun was a winchester 30 30 which i still use at times i also use a savage 99 308 cal ,like you i tried alot of different ones finally settled on the 308 basically, in my opinion it can take down most anything that i would be hunting , over the years guns have become more powerful, bigger cartridges , do ya really need all that ??

  3. massa_jorge

    massa_jorge New Member

    my weatherby .30-06 is my main deer killer, but i also use handguns and the bow. i have killed deer and hogs with every centerfire weapon in my safe except for my .44 mag.
    what info are you looking for?
    i use 165 grain softpoints in the -06, 158 grn hp in the .357, 230 grn hp in the .45, 210 hp or 240 grn lswc in the .44, and 123 grn hp in the sks. yes, the sks is a great deer killer. one round and that's it!
    ranges out here can go from 20 yards to 400 yards. i have killed deer with the -06 from 20 feet to 400 yards. i have been shooting a .30-06 all my life so that's why i stick to it. good luck this season!
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  4. kvillcat

    kvillcat New Member

    Kernersville, Nc
    Lets see.....30-06, 357mag, 50cal, 12guage, and bow. Yep I think that covers it:smile2::smile2::smile2:

  5. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    I shoot a 243 ,just cause I fell in love with the cartridge way back in high school,When i went hunting with an older neighbor. I havent a clue why,But I have had mine since day one some 30 yrs ago. But for wooded hunting ,I might grab my Marlin 30-30. I can hit most anything I shoot at where I aim this side of 200 yards using iron sights.
  6. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    My go to gun for deer hunting is my trusty remington bolt action 30-06. I also hunt muzzle-loader 50 cal. as well as bow hunt.

    The areas I hunt, most of my clear shots have come from under 100 yards. If I hunted areas which required very long shots.....I would probably opt for a 300 mag.:wink:
  7. rrssmith

    rrssmith New Member

    I use my Remington model 700bdl it is just a good gun
  8. Eddie Mullins

    Eddie Mullins New Member

    I don't deer hunt much at all anymore, but I haven't used anything but my 50 cal muzzle loader with 45 cal sabots for the last 8 + years. I started out with a 30/30 , but for years used a 12 ga slug as I hunt in wooded areas, then went to a 30.06 remmington and then the muzzel loader. Its shoots better than I can, but I don't take long shots. I'm not as hard core as bow hunters, but deer hunting isn't about long range target shooting to me, its about getting in their environment. All of my kills have been in the woods, under 75 yards.
  9. Grimpuppy

    Grimpuppy New Member

    Concordia, KS
    270 for me. It does a good job for me under 100 yards when in the woods and 300 yards when hunting over crop fields. If the only thing I was doing was hunting in the woods it would be a 30-30. That is the gun I used growing up.
  10. canebreaker

    canebreaker Well-Known Member

    Remington model 10 12 gauge for birds, limited to 2 3/4" shells.
    .22 semi for small game.
    SKS 7.62 with lead bullets for large game.
    .38 spl. for short shots.
  11. Rohaus

    Rohaus Well-Known Member

    Vilonia Ar
    I use a Ruger #1 in 280 Remington, 50cal muzzleloader and crossbow.
  12. bw69r

    bw69r Well-Known Member

    West Newton, PA
    love my .25-06. also take my .41 mag out as well. never got anything with the pistol yet though.
  13. lance

    lance New Member

    30-30 150 gr. It is an inherited winchester I haven't had to shoot past 75 yrds or so even on big cut corn fields in western Ky stand placement and time has allowed shorter range shots and plus I hunt in woods there . If I had money and desire for a bigger gun I had used my uncle's 300 and that is what I would buy . It kicks to hard and may create a flinching problem so... I will stick with what I got it has been a great gun and I will shoot it till the rifling is gone :wink: The gun will outlast me because between the 2 deer tags I normally fill and 3 shots to check it in the fall it normally doesn't get shot but a half a dozen times a year .
  14. bownero

    bownero New Member

    Hastings, Ne.
    What do you hunt With..

    Understanding this thread is a main concern about guns for woods hunting, but here's my twist. I go to the woods with my Hoyt bow. I strictly hunt deer and other animals with the stick and string. I feel confident on taking a shot at animals up to 40 yds. Bigger game animals like elk, moose and caribou, maybe longer shots. Never faced that challenge yet. Not bragging on myself, but I can hold groups at 30yds, compariable to rifle groups at 100yds. Accuracy is where it's at! Consistency and great form will offer the best shot!! Practice!!

    Just my twist on this thread!!


    do own a Browning with the Boss in a 30-06/ bushnell 3x9 variable scope. Rifle has the synthetic stock!! Nice accurate rifle.
  15. Poppa

    Poppa New Member

    Pinson, Al
    Browning 280 BAR
    Renegade .54
  16. puddle jumper

    puddle jumper Well-Known Member

    I here you Mark,,
    I used to shoot open "A" at all the ASA 3-D shoots, to not put to fine of point on it, If you did it with a bow, I loved it,,,now im a little older and my shoulders are worn out, " Injurys and Motorcycles " so I have had to put the bow away, and im not a hard core hunter anymore but still like to sit in the woods when I can't make it to the river...:wink:
    So yup, Bow hunting is a great way to go also...
    Thanks for all the input so far guys,,

  17. catfish kenny

    catfish kenny New Member

    (LOL) a 1979 ford f150 60 mile a hr down the gravel ...cow catcher on the front we get em (LOL)
  18. Dirtdobber

    Dirtdobber Guest Staff Member

    Vian Okla
    I use a .270 with hand loads. Where I hunt most of the shots are 150-250 yds. I shoot a lot of ammo during the year so I know I can make a longer shot. I also use a ranger finder so no guess work on the yardage. I never take a shot at a game animal over 300 yds. I can't hold the rifle as still even on a rest.
  19. mcseal2

    mcseal2 Active Member

    I have shot most of the common ones, started with a 243 and worked up to a 300 win. All did the job well as long as I put the bullet where it needed to go.

    Here in KS we have a regular season and an antlerless season. During the regular season I hunt for antlers, and I use a bigger gun that can take tough angles and still hit vitals. I reload my own ammo and shoot enough practice shots to fill 2-3 one pound powder bottles a year with the used primers from my loads. I use a 7WSM BAR for driving deer, and a 7 Rem mag or 300 win for everything else, all with Nosler Accubond bullets. I frequently shoot 300yds and have 20-30mph winds so I want a fast high BC bullet.

    For the antlerless season I use my 243 and take a good broadside shot on a doe within 250yds.

    Everything works good if you place the bullet right, but the faster magnums with the high BC bullets help me do that at long range or in wind.

    Ask me next year and my choices may have changed, I practiced 3-5 days most weeks with my magnums from October on and I was developing a flinch. I was not letting my shoulder heal between practices. I have been shooting my little guns since deer season, and bought a good PAST pad for practicing this fall. If I continue to flinch I will probably back down to a 280 with 140gr accubonds.
  20. Jacksmooth

    Jacksmooth Member

    West Virginia
    Never did figure out why it was easier to hit em at 55 mph!:smile2:

    I use 280 in remington. Most of my shots are under 75 yrds. I bought the 280 incase I would ever happen to go out west. Otherwise I probably would have just bought a 30/30 or 35. I have used both of those and the 35 was my favorite of the 2. I have also used 222, 220 swift, 22-250, 270, 30/06, and 12 gauge. The 280 has been my favorite of all of the guns I have taken deer with! I also hunt with a bow too.