What Do you consider to be perfect river conditions???

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by catcrazed, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. catcrazed

    catcrazed New Member

    For bluecats and channels Im all for having the river up and muddy with water temps in the mid 40s. Oh yeah rippin current!!!

    As for Flatheads I guess I don't have such a perfect answer since Ive not really pinpointed just flatheads on the ohio. Id say water temps in the 70s with mild current and water stained.

    As for Lake fishin for flatties Ive done really well for prespawn flatties when water was clear to stained.

    Lets here some answers fellas. Maybe even give some reasons why you have that answer. my simple answer is thats when I seem to catch the most fish.
  2. fishmonster13

    fishmonster13 Member

    any way but the way it is now, preferably with the fish very hungry:smile2::big_smile:

  3. Bill in SC

    Bill in SC New Member

    South Caro
    If the fish are turned on, it is the perfect condition! :wink: I know what you are saying, but I don't think there is a perfect condition. I've struck out when conditions were perfect with the river on a gentle rise, falling barometer, gentle breeze with heavy cumulus clouds, and I've hit jackpot the day after a front moves through, high pressure, with the river falling and a bluebird sky. I have learned to not get my expectations up when fishing what I would consider the perfect day, and when you least expect it, wham it's on! But, I digress.

    BB in SC
  4. smoothkip25

    smoothkip25 New Member

    Everyday I get to spend on the river is perfect! Ive fished some of the most non perfect conditions and still have caught fish! Im with Bill the fish are always biting you just have to be out there!:cool2:
  5. dinkbuster1

    dinkbuster1 New Member

    for channels i like the river just up a bit and muddy, but not blown out.

    for flatheads i prefer low clearer water, but up just slightly isnt too bad if it isnt very muddy.

    when the river is up and muddy i just cant seem to locate flatheads, and the channel cats are also a pain in the arse when you arent targeting them.

    of course a favorable moon phase period, high humidity, and a nice slow steady rise of the barometor either 12-24 hours before a front, or the morning and early PM hours after a front are perfect conditions for the GMR to me.

    no blues in my area so cant comment on them. :sad2:
  6. Jollymon

    Jollymon Well-Known Member

    Wilm .N.C
    To me perfect conditions are when i can get on the water to fish ,an the fish are biting :wink::smile2:
  7. whiteriver

    whiteriver New Member

    Full of fish that are biting. :smile2:
  8. CatHunter24

    CatHunter24 New Member

    Dayton, Ohio
    Had this conversation with a couple guys about the Ohio, and my limited experience. First, I haven't experienced a season of winter fishing yet, so im sure once it gets to water temps in the 40s and they are holed up I will love that. As of now, I love the Ohio to be 1 of two ways....either above 34-35 ft and rippin current....and slamming blues or flats when they are stacked up, or to be 26-27 feet and like a lake with little to no wind. Anything in between can really be trying, because its hard or impossible to drift...and it can be hard to anchor, anchoring doesn't always produce that well because they are still spread out but the river won't cooperate to drift. I like it nice and clear cut, drift, or anchor....lol. Its never that simple though :wink::smile2: or it would be called catching.
  9. Catfish_Rob

    Catfish_Rob New Member

    Cincinnati, OHIO
    Personally my favorite condition is about two days after a good rain. When the current is up but the level isn't too high; Mid 70's and humid.
  10. kitsinni

    kitsinni New Member

    People will think I am nuts but I always do my best for blues in warmer weather during the daytime without much current or wind. So for me the perfect condition would be a sunny day around 70 degrees with no wind and just enough current to move your boat down river at about .5 mph with no trolling motor or wind sock.