What do ya carry?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by CountryHart, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. CountryHart

    CountryHart New Member

    Season is upon us and i'm curious as to what everyone carrys. I travel pretty lite myself. Rifle & shells,knife, paper towels in my back pocket, a couple surgical gloves and thats about it. If i'm gonna stay hooked perhaps a bottle of water and a snickers.
  2. pabloracer4748

    pabloracer4748 New Member

    Can of copenhagen, Pint of Jack, Spotlight, running shoes, rifle, Surgical gloves also, a two way radio. and my back up 9mm:big_smile:

  3. catfisherman369

    catfisherman369 Floyd

    Nashville Il.
    Heck you guys are going out there in luxury . I take the bow , gut knife and a mini mag . During shot gun season I take the gun , gut knife and mini mag .
  4. flatheadslayer

    flatheadslayer New Member

    Thomaston, Geor
    hoyt,case xx,thats it around ga.
  5. BubbaCat

    BubbaCat Well-Known Member

    rifle,20 rds , binos , tripod ,range finder, g.p.s /radio,map, knife , permit/tag ,game bag ,rope,poncho ,space blanket, flash light ,extra batterys,water ,food ,candy, small first aid kit ,camera and spare socks :wink: you got to remember i,m way out west. looks like alotbut its not a very big load at all.
  6. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    I carry my Grand Slam stand, my weapon, a pocket knife and a 4" gutting/skinning knife, a fanny pack with a grunt call, a doe bleat, a squirrel call (for deception), a bottle of Gateraid, some lunch, a 3 cell mag light, two backup mini mag lights, a head light, 2 lighters, 25 feet of 1/4" nylon rope, a spool of thread for scouting, toilet paper (for blood trailing, also), binoculars, a Gerber fold up limb saw, Tinks 69 & scent canisters if the rut is in, and an emergency whistle. I also carry a back pack with my 3D suit, some camo material, extra gloves if it's cold or wet, a garbage bag (to remove other people's trash), and some Ziplock bags for tarsal glands.

    May sound like a lot but I've got it down to an art. Things happen unexpectedly in the mountains, and I hunt alone. I go prepared to stay all night in an emergency!
  7. Jeremy Sheffey

    Jeremy Sheffey New Member

    Columbus, Ohio
    my list is very similar to the last two posts, only thing i take different is an actual survival kit that i have put together. its not very big but if i got stuck in the dead of winter i could survive for a few days and make a fire/get attention from someone for help and some first aid supplies along with a mouth to mouth barrier and some basic medicines like benadryl and aspirin... never know what might happen....on my four wheeler i tend to keep a C-collar and some other first aid supplies...never know when and if you will ride up onto someone your hunting with that is hurt from a four wheeler or falling out of a deer stand... i guess thats the Boyscout coming out in me, i dont have to pack it all that far with my motorized aid so its no biggy for me to carry some extra stuff on it...
  8. phase5supply

    phase5supply New Member

    Hope Mills, NC
    Most of stuff already mentioned plus my cell phone just in case, I do keep it turned off:smile2:
  9. kyelkhunter3006

    kyelkhunter3006 New Member

    Gun, ammo, binoculars, shooting sticks, couple of knives, folding saw, extra hat, gloves, and socks, basic first aid kit, Sawyer Bite kit (lots of rattlers in some parts of KY), basic survival kit, food/snacks, water bottle. Small pistol, usually a 9x18 CZ.

    Really, it's the same stuff that I take when I'm out hiking, so it's already packed. Sounds like a lot, but it fits in a large fanny pack, and not counting the hunting gun, ammo, and sticks, it weighs less than 10lbs. I'm used to carrying it, so I take it all the time.

    I've never heard anyone say, "Damn, I wish I hadn't had so much stuff when I got stranded for a night or two."

    I HAVE heard lots of "If I'd only had -insert word of choice- with me..." stories.

    I'd prefer not to be one of them.:wink:
  10. Brian D

    Brian D New Member

    Am I the only one that takes a 2 liter bottle to PEE in?
  11. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    I'm not that good a shot. I carry a wide mouth Gatoraid bottle to pee in! Ha,Ha,Ha

    I don't usually worry too much about it anymore. I had to relieve myself once hunting at the edge of an orchard. I walked up the fence line a ways and did it. When I came back out of the stand, there was a buck making a scrape right where I had peed. I don't think it worries them too bad.
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  12. perrycounty.in

    perrycounty.in New Member

    Everything in my pack is a headlamp, scentwafers, knife, rope, hand saw,sockcap, gloves, spitbottle(for chewing), applejuice bottle(for peeing), rangefinder, binoculars, 20oz diet mt.dew, cheese crackers, cellphone,gruntcall, sometimes rattleing horns, and most important to me is my scent-away bottle full. I spray down before i go, when i get there, and multiple times while im in the tree. I also always pack my grandslam and what ever season it is either my bow or shotgun.
  13. Poppa

    Poppa New Member

    Pinson, Al
    I carry anything I could possibly need in my back-pack. All things mentioned
    plus my safety harness and a couple of bottles of water. I carry anything I
    might need for tracking in the dark. I have started using glow sticks and they
    work great. When you find your game put a glow stick as high as you can
    reach on a bush or small tree and leave it. Come back with the 4-wheeler
    and drive right to it. It use to be I would have to drag to a road but not anymore. I might leave my pack on the 4-wheeler and only carry a flashlight
    and a bottle of water to a box blind but I always have what I might need
    close if I were to need it.
  14. Welder

    Welder New Member

    Rifle, 6 rounds , book, some food like a apple or turnip, sandwich if I stay out all day, 1 liter Dr. pepper, canteen of water, skining knife, red seal dip, 6 ft of 1/4 rope, 12 inches of trotline cord, doe bleat, rattle antlers and doe pee with wicks, Dress for the revelnt weather and bring rain coat if needed. Hunt from pre position stands and impromtu blinds with home made shooting stix. I walk in 2 hrs before day light and dont walk out till 30 min after sunset. The latter dont happen often, I end up draggen a deer out. Anything that I need extra is in the boat or truck close by
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  15. playin4funami

    playin4funami New Member

    Saronville Ne.
    weapon of choice and my pocketknife,thats all I ever need around here,shoot,gut, haul home,the rest is done there,I've never had any need for all that extra stuff like scent blockers,scent attractors,calls,etc. for deer,just set on a log downwind of a deer trail and wait a few minutes,usually pick one with drive up access as dragging deer sucks. I've not had to wait more than an hour in many years,but I hunt where I know the land,deer,etc. not really a challenge,just meat in the freezer when I even bother to fill the tag anymore.
  16. net man

    net man New Member

    North Carolina
  17. massa_jorge

    massa_jorge New Member

    rifle, pistol, extra ammo, a couple knives, whetstone, trash bags, extra snuff, 1 1/2 gallons of water, lighter, pre cooked sausages (keeps better), rope, wire, light or heavy jacket depending on weather, jerky, flashlight, batteries, flagging tape, reflective tacks, small tarp, first aid kit- sutures, iodine/alcohol, and hydrocodone, dried fruit, and sometimes canned beans. all that goes in to the backpack, which weighs around 30 pounds. i walk a lot while hunting, and if i get caught out somewhere i am not worried. something to remember if you're one who drags or carries a deer, wrap the horns or head with flagging tape for visibility. i was carrying out a doe and a kid drew down on me with his levergun. even after i told him what i was, he was still aiming. something to think about. also, pack your own water, because a lot of natural sources can make you sick. won't kill you, but you will get bad diarrhea. food wise, there's lots of stuff to kill and eat if you have to, i take beans and stuff to go with rabbits, quail, ducks, etc. good luck to all this year.
  18. puppypal

    puppypal Well-Known Member

    Sheridan, Ar
    No Brain you are not i do not hunt but I have taught my boys to make sure and bring them a pee pot! Human scent is way out there in urine
  19. bownero

    bownero New Member

    Hastings, Ne.
    What I take on my hunt is>

    My Hoyt bow (with corncob stabilizer! lmao) and arrows with broadheads in quiver
    Huntings clothes for change in the field and rubber boots
    Hunter Safety System harness (safety first) with deer drag
    scent eliminator spray
    grunt tube, rattling bag
    hand warmers and feet warmers for the brisk days
    field dressing gloves
    range finder and binos
    cell phone

    preset stands before the season

    that about sums it up. and Yes, my game face!!:cool2:
  20. smokey

    smokey New Member

    Knife, tow rope, gun,T.P, 20 oz froze water.