What did you get?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by r ward, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. r ward

    r ward New Member

    Kathleen G
    Alright it is 10 30 pm on Christmas Eve I realize that the times are differant so I am posting this now Lets list what you got from Santa if you want to list it I think it would be fun:big_smile::cool2:
  2. Little Tree Rat

    Little Tree Rat New Member

    only an hour behind you but we opend our presents a day early...heres what i got
    1) a new bow
    2) candy
    3) a bible
    4) flashlight
    5) pj pants
    6) slippers
    7) all the stuff needed to improve my bow
    8) calendar
    9) headphones
    10) arrows
    11) gloves
    i think thats all, prolly some other little things...and still have a christmas commin on the 26th!! hope everyone else has a good christmas.

  3. r ward

    r ward New Member

    Kathleen G
    Well it's Christmas Morning and I was up till 4am helping my daughter and her new boyfriend play Santa for my grandson and he's still asleep so we wait I think I'll go get him up LOL
  4. r ward

    r ward New Member

    Kathleen G
    Well it is slowing down now I have watched my kids and grandkids smiling and happy I got a pretty good haul
    a new rod and reel A Zebco combo [7ft rod and a bite alert reel ]
    DVD player
    Work Boots
    I ain't sure what else
  5. catfish kenny

    catfish kenny New Member

    I got the greatest of all watching my kids have a great one they got loaded more then anyone should(LOL)
    I did get me some cool stuff :penn 320 gti from a little elf:big_smile:
    .hat says shut up & fish
    tappisterey has ghost rider skull/flames
    on it.
    bobble fishing fat dude:big_smile:
    a small buffalo skull I can keep my sage in it aint real its a replica collecter thingey
    oh and a shirt with a bass on it that says"sometimes I can be a big jerk(LOL) think Lilly was tellin me somethin there(LOL) think that is bout it ...I am way good life is good and its been merry!
  6. Jerry60k

    Jerry60k Member

    Chelyan, West V
    Another year older and deeper in debt.

    Second Christmas in a row my kids were 100% ungrateful and complained about their presents.:angry:

    Did good by the wife tho got her a real nice deep fryer and a ice tea maker at least someone smiled.

    I got 3-4 knives :big_smile: but I am hard on em anyway and can always use another knife or 5 and a couple pairs of pants that I needed cause I am to cheap to buy new ones myself :big_smile: