What catfishing setups do you use?

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  1. RebelMan

    RebelMan Guest

    I'm done fishing the river for catfish and mainly saving money for a new boat and gear for spring. I'm getting a Lowe Roughneck 1760cj with a 90/65 horse jet. But anyway I was curious what rods and reels you use and what line you use on them. I have:

    8'Med Heavy Cabelas King Kat with Salt Striker SSbf80 baitfeeder with 65lb braid

    7' Med Heavy King Kat with Salt Striker SS50 with 20lb mono Berkley XT

    8' Med Heavy King Kat with Okuma Avenger AU80 with 20 lb mono Berkley XT

    8' Med Heavy King Kat with Penn 560 Slammer with 20 lb Berkley XT
  2. readingcatfisher

    readingcatfisher New Member

    Berks coun
    2 7' King kat mh rods 2 Okuma avenger abf 65 baitfeeder reels 65 pound braid 40 pound mono shock leader

  3. ste6168

    ste6168 New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    This is what I am running with now:

    -TICA UEHA 10ft MH w/ Abu Garcia 6600C4 w/ 65lb PP Braid (really my surf casting rod, but used for cat's when distance is necessary)
    -Ugly Stik Bigwater 9ft MH w/ Cabelas Salt Striker 80 w/ Suffix Superior 30lb mono
    -Cabelas Whuppin Stick 8ft H w/ Abu Garcia 6600CB w/ 65lb PP Braid
    -Berkely Glow Stick 8ft MH w/ Cabelas Salt Striker 65 w/ 30lb Suffix Superior Mono
    -Cabelas Whuppin Stick 8ft H w/ Calelas Salt Striker 65 w/ 30lb Suffix Superior Mono
    -Ugly Stik Classic 7ft MH w/ Cabelas Salt Stirker 55 w/ 20lb BBG Mono

    more that I would like to add to the arsenal (and probably will at some point in the near future):
    -St. Croix Muskie Series 8ft MH w/ Abu Garcia 7000C3i w/ 80lb PP Braid
    -St. Croix Muskie Series 8ft H w/ Abu Garcia 7000C3i w/ 80lb PP Braid

    If I had to do it all over again. I would probably buy the two (maybe one more) St. Croix/Abu combos above and the TICA surf combo. Those 3 (or 4) rods combos would cover ALL types of catfishing.


    For flattin I use two 7ft Bigwater Ugly Customs with Daiwa Saltist in the 30 size,one with 80# braid and one with 100# braid.Where I need some distance,I got a 12ftXH Bigwater Ugly with a Daiwa Saltist in the 40 size with 80# braid.:wink:.
  5. lendog

    lendog New Member

    berks, PA
    i have........
    two 7' MH action king kats w/okuma 50 baitrunners
    two 7" MH action american spirit "nite sticks" w/shimano 4500 baitrunners
    8' MH action king kat w/65 saltstriker baitrunner
    8' MH action southbend competitor w/penn reel
    i also have a couple other 7' MH and M action poles with spinning reels as backups and loaners if needed
    all my reels are loaded with 80# power pro in high vis. yellow with 40 or 50# big game mono leaders
  6. ilovesharinfoo

    ilovesharinfoo New Member

    Here's what I am using:
    7' Ugly Stik Tiger MH/ ABU6501C3 w/ power handle/ 50lb Spiderwire Stealth in green
    7'6" Berkley ECAT4/ ABU6501TC/ 80lb PowerPro in red
    7' Berkley GlowStik/ Penn 850SSM spinning reel/ 30lb Cajun Red mono
    8' Ugly Stik Catfish/ ABU6600BCX/ 30lb Berkley braid in green

    I want to get an ECAT3 and switch my ABU6501TC over to it, then get a 7001i to put on the ECAT4 that I already own. It's nice to have a bit of variety to cover a lot of different situations. The ECAT4 ended up being a little beefier than I initially anticipated, so I want to set it up with the heavier reel to be able to handle more weight for some of the areas I fish that have more current.
  7. Skammer

    Skammer New Member

    Only having access to the channels up here I use two Cabela's 10 ft steelhead rods, two Penn 460 Slammer spinning reels w/ 12 lb Stren W/ Stren 14 lb leaders. The 10 ft rods allow long casts w/1.5 oz sinkers. A 12 lb channel will put a good bend in the rods & makes for a good fight. I have caught carp on these rigs up to 30 lbs.
  8. RebelMan

    RebelMan Guest

    WOW! I use 20lb test for channels but i'm usually running 3 oz disc sinkers in fast current in about 25 feet of water. And when I had my pb 13lb channel I thought my line was gonna snap :crazy:
  9. RebelMan

    RebelMan Guest

    I like your setups:cool2: The first two rods gotta make them flatties nervous
  10. Skammer

    Skammer New Member

    I don't know of any holes up here that have 25 ft of water. Most of the places I fish (shore line) are only about half that deep. If you're fishin fast current in 25 ft of water, you are probably right on the money with your set up.
  11. Pip

    Pip New Member

    I got a little bit of everything, I guess. Most of my rods are 7' spinning, with Okuma reels various sizes. EB80's for the blues and the avenger 50's on ugly sticks for the channels. 50# mono for the blues and 20# for the channels. Also got several kingKat combo's i like for the blues. So far they haven't let me down.

    But I'm scratching my head over the newer ugly sticks mh, I've bought 3 new ones this year, have broken 2 of them so far, but my older ones are still going strong. Almost think they changed something in the newer ugly sticks. Not sure I'm going to get anymore.
  12. Blacky

    Blacky New Member

    Philadelphia, P
    I have 4 catfishing rods that can handle any Schulykill flathead, Potomac blue, and of course any channel!~:smile2:

    1. St. Croix Classic Cat 7'6 MH
    2. St. Croix Premier Musky 7'6 MH
    3. G-Loomis Bucara 7'6 MH
    4. Shimano Teramar Inshore 7'6 MH

    My reels are:

    1. Shimano Calcutta 400
    2. Shimano Calcutta 400 VSB
    3. Penn 525 MAG
    4. I have 2 ABU Garcia 6500 TC
  13. ste6168

    ste6168 New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Showoff :wink::smile2:

    But really, which of the two St. Croix's do you like better? I am thinking of getting on of the two (if I can even find a classic cat for sale) and would like your opinion.
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  14. Blacky

    Blacky New Member

    Philadelphia, P
    Get the Musky!

    The Classic Cat was discontinues and have been off the market for at least 10 years.:wink: Catfisherman just couldn't afford $130 for a rod so they quit making them. Mine was sold to me by a friend who lived in NJ, so far away from the Skuke that he sold it to me and said I would put it to good use.:wink::cool2:

    Good luck finding one on ebay, I've been searching everyday for the past 3 years.:sad2::angry:
  15. kenlaw76

    kenlaw76 Well-Known Member

    S.E. Pa.
    Here are the rods I use for Catfish


    (2) Berkley Glowsticks 8' Med Heavy / both have Penn Surfmaster 200's w/ #50 Power Pro (Flat, Channel)

    (3) Star handcrafted rods
    (1) 7'6" Heavy / Penn Surfmaster 200 w/ #100 Power Pro (Flat, Blue)
    (1) 8' Med Heavy / Penn Surfmaster 200 w/ #100 Power Pro (Flat, Blue)
    (1) 8'6" Med Light / Shimano Callcuta 250 w/ #20 Power Pro (Channel)

    (2) Ugly Stick
    (1) 7' Med Heavy / Penn 940 w/ #50 Power Pro (Flat, Channel)
    (1) 7' Med Light series / Penn 930 w/ #40 Power Pro (Flat, Channel)

    (1) Custom 7' Heavy Fiberglass / Penn Squidder 140 w/ #50 Power Pro (Flat, Blue)


    (1) Shimano Teramar 8' Med Heavy / Okuma Avenger 50 w/ #50 Power Pro (Flat, Channel)
    (1) Pinacle Power Tip 6'6" Heavy / Shimano Baitrunner 6500 w/ #50 Power Pro (Flat, Blue)

    I bought 2 Surfmasters on e-bay a few years ago and they worked awsome for the Flats so I bought 2 more last year. Almost all of the rods I had before I even started catfishing, except for the Shimano spinning rod and the (2) Berkley Glowsticks. I used them down in Florida for the salt.
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  16. RebelMan

    RebelMan Guest

    very nice setups bro:big_smile:
  17. Catfishboy1995

    Catfishboy1995 New Member

    Council Bluffs
    the ones i use mostly are...

    Abu Garcia 7000i W/ st.Criox 7'6 heavy act. rod W/ 65 lb power pro moss green

    2 penn 309's W/ 6'6 Basspro snaggin special rods and 120 lb braid

    A pinnical vision on a 7'0 zebco catfishstik and 20 lb trilene

    a quantum reel on a 7'0 bill dance catfish collection rod W/50 lb power pro

    A bigger quantum reel on a 7'0 bill dance catfish collection heavy act rod with 80 lb pp

    a catmaxx CMX3 on a 7'6 bill dance catfish collection rod with 65 lb pp

    and another 7000i that i am looking for a rod...i have 80 lb pp spooled on it!!!im thinking a tiger or maybe a big cat rod...im not sure on the rod yet..