what can we do about the 10 % ethonal gas

Discussion in 'Boating' started by catfishscotty, Dec 6, 2007.

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    i heard starting january 1 2008 all gas will have 10 % ethonal what will this do to our motors and fuel lines ???? :angry: if u find anything out please post it here for all of us to read. thanks scotty
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    the one thing I know for sure is the ethanol in the gas will draw more moisture than gas without in or something like that..:confused2: I have read the best way to combat this is to top off the tank after use and keep the tank full during times it is not being used. This is suppose to help with the issue with water.
    At least this is what I got from the information I read about ethanol.:eek:oooh:

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    Go to the search button and enter ethanol and you will find all kinds of threads where this has been discussed along with some remedies.:big_smile:
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    We have been using e-10 for a few years now. The most important item with E-10 is fuel tanks. If you have an older boat with a fiberglass fuel tank, it may not be compatible with E-10. The alcohol will eat the tank and the deposits will be sucked through your engine. If you store your boat in the winter like most Midwesterners, they recommend topping off your tank before storage. No need to top your tank off after every time you go out during fishing season. There is a situation called phase separation. According to the experts, the alcohol wants to draw in moisture. The water molecules "stick" to the alcohol molecules. This bond is stronger than the bond between the alcohol and the gasoline. If the water content of the fuel gets to be more than .05%, then the added weight of the water on the alcohol molecule will separate if from the gasoline molecule and cause it to fall to the bottom of the tank. You then end up with alcohol and water in the bottom of the tank and gas in the top. There is no way to combine the gas and alcohol again. The tanks needs to be drained and the fuel disposed of. The reasons to top your tank off is to keep the air content in the tank low so the alcohol does not have moisture to draw. The other reason to top it off is volume. Phase separation happens at around .05% water per volume. So if you had a full tank of 30 gallons it would take .15 gallons of water to cause phase separation. If you left your tank almost empty and only had 2 gallons of fuel in it, it would only take .01 gallons of water to cause phase separation. Now as far as practicality goes. We have been using e-10 for almost 10 years now. I have never heard of phase separation actually happening to someone. I have used E-10 in motorcycles, boats, lawnmowers, weed eaters and cars. To be honest, I never worried about if the tank was full of not. My blazer sat for 6 months while I was in Iraq with a quarter tank of fuel. I came home for 2 weeks and it started right up and ran fine. It sat for another 6 months before I cam home for good and ran fine. My lawnmowers, weed eaters, motorcycle and everything else just gets parked in the garage in the winter with some Sta-bil in the fuel and I have never had a problem. This doesn't mean it can't happen, just saying I have never actually seen it happen.
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    I'll tell you what you do. Nothing!
    Gas in Minnesota has had 10% ethanol for years. It works just fine.
    Ethanol does not bring in water it absorbs water which means you don't have to add heat or any other gas line antifreeze to your fuel, cause all that stuff is, is just ethanol.
    When they start putting in more than 10% is when you have to start to worry. Reason being is it burns much hotter and can damage your engine, also the rubber and plastics in gasoline engines does not hold up to heavy doses of ethanol such as E85.
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    Dave, just letting you know ethanol burns much cooler than gas. Much, much cooler.

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    Several years ago, Missouri stopped requiring gas stations to label their pumps when the fuel contained ethanol. So there's a good chance you've been buying it lately and didn't know it... :eek:oooh:
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    Marty is correct.
    I was speaking to a gas distributor in central MO a couple weeks ago and was informed that it was likely we have been using ethanol blended fuel for a over a year now, depending on where we buy or gas.
    So it's nothing new for us either.
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    One of the very best things you can do is to install a fuel water seperator on the boat and don't leave that fuel setting to long of a time. If you will go to the repair section you can find lots of posts I have made on thise very subject.
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    I agree. also they are making additives to help prevent the fuel from separating.
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    I can tell in a car when I get gas without ethanol in it. My mileage goes way up.

    It might cause less polutants. But, you also get a drop in mileage. As in, my truck used to get 350 miles on the odeometer on a tank. It now gets 280. When I fill up with pure gas again. I go back up to 340 or so.

    So, it's a pretty big drop on efficiency. That's a 97 truck with a 350.
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    Generally you can find non ethonal at the marinas... But if you cant, flush the old gas out, change Do not mix the two... could have some problems with the ethonal and non mixing....