What body of water is this?

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    Was in Orange County over the weekend and passed by a desolute piece of water with all this fishermen fishing it. LOL!!!! NO TREES!!! :crazy: What the heck? Only thing besides the angler and and a umbrella was an occassional porta potty.:lol: Off 91 west near I5 I believe.
  2. Whistler

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    I sure don't remember anything right in that area that rings bell. Course I haven't been out there in a long time. LOL Somebody surely knows what it is.

  3. plumbertom1

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    Eugene, Or.
    That would be Santa Ana River Lakes.
    Those are actually percolation ponds that are used to hold the river in place to replenish the underground aquifer for orange county.
    You've no doubt read about the huge trout they catch there. costs about $20. to fish from 6AM till 4PM or 5PM til 11PM with an overnight 24hr fishing session (extra entry fee) during the full moon and no lic. is required. Shortly they will start stocking with catfish and just last week they stock some sturgeon over 100lbs.
    It's a popular spot for the people that can't get out of town to fish and you do stand a good chance of catching big fish along with good numbers of smaller one. The operators put in huge plantings every week because they want you to catch fish. The same concessionaire operates Irvine Lake and Corona Lake.
    These are your best shot in Ca. at catching a trout over 15lbs.
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    It use to be owned by the same owners years ago at Outdoor safari, now Irvine is run independent of Sarl and Corona for about 10 years. Craig Elliot and Doug now run Sarl and Corona. They get the exclusive big trout over 15 pounds while Irvine now gets the dinks up to 10 pounds.
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    As much as I hate to fork out the $20 to fish Santa Ana River Lakes, the opportunity to catch big fish or to limit out is quite a temptation for me. I find myself there quite a bit. It's a pretty nice operation for a southern California private lake.
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    The little lake to the left as you enter the gate is packed with kitties. They bite very well in the warmer months. They are starting to show now. There is a nnice hole out there towards the bridge from the big lake.
    caught a nice 7+ last season. Saw a few larger come out of there.