What are your river techniques?

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    I prefer to find a nice sand or gravel bar or the downstream end of a tight bend and then throw a live 4"-6" perch into the still water. I like to use a 5/0 or 6/0 hook, a large snap swivel, and 20# mono. That's about all the weight I need. I won't add the weights unless I want to set it down out in the currents.

    By the time Mr. Whiskers walks out the slack and realizes he cant spit it, he'll run. Most of the time, when that happens, they have set the hooks themselves.

    The smallest fish I have removed from my favorite hole, using this bait and technique, was 8#. I have taken a 20# fish the same way.

    The Brazos rules.
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    Mike Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois.:0a22::0a22::0a25:

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    well welcome to the boc i often use a 3-12oz weight on the brazos and trinity depending on current conditions using live gill bullheads shad and cutbaits 85lb power pro line and dont use swivels i have caught cats from 5-60lbs doing this and have caught alligator gar over 150 using same setup in the same areas on the river i fish anywhere from 2ft-40ft