What anchors for a 24' pontoon?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by bubbasmouse, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. bubbasmouse

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    Chesterfield South Carolina
    What kind and size anchors will I need for a 24' pontoon boat? It will be used mainly in lakes but might see some river use if that helps.
  2. roundhill

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    kings mtn
    ron glad you got a boat the best anchor for a pontoon is digger anchor i hope we can get togather sometime on santee.

  3. bearcat

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    Nokomis, Illinois
    I have a pontoon. I use the Chene anchor when on the river. Get the biggest one they make. It will hold fine. On a lake you will need lots of weight to hold it. I have three tri fluted cast iron anchors ,25 lbs each. They hold pretty good. Pontoons catch lots of wind. I always use two on the side where the wind is coming from and the third one on the end I am not fishing on to help keep it from swing back and forth so much. Hope this helps. Also when on the river use about twice the length of anchor rope as the river is deep. We fish the mississippi river and use 100 to 150 ft of rope. It helps get a better angle on the anchor.