What an ugly weekend

Discussion in 'Ersel's Gridiron Talk' started by ryang, Nov 6, 2006.

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    Just from the games I saw I thought it was Ugly with a Capital "U". Ohio State was stinking pretty bad, from the highlights of Michigan they were playing bad, and from all the reports of the other top teams almost all of them played badly. For those OSU/Mich fans do you think they played that way so not to show each other thier game plans? And some big Props to Joe Pa that is one of the most strongest dudes out there. If you dont know he was hit on the sideline by a couple of players and ended up with a broken leg but he wouldnt leave the sideline (he was there for the whole 3rd quarter was hit on the first play of the 3rd). If his team cant use him for some thought provoking then they deserve to be a stinky team.
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    Another Joe-pa note, the guy is 79 years old! I didn't get a good read on the mich. game from the highlights so I can't comment much there. The OSU game though I taped and watched. First half they took care of business. The second they ran into a stout defense cause they let the Illini hang around and gain some confidence. Not to mention that midway thru the 3rd they just started running the ball and only threw a handfull of times. I think Tress was killing the clock, and getting the running game prepared for the 18th. They needed the reps. They are holding back on the play calling, no need to show everything they got. It has to drive the mich. coaches nuts wondering what else the Bucks are gonna throw at them, LOL.

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    Much uncharacteristic play. I think it the league is more competitive than ever. I like it. Very entertaining.