What am I doing wrong? (Circle Hooks)

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by Gibbzilla, Jun 20, 2007.

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    I just got back from the lake, and I was using cut bream on 6/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Circles, and I just couldn't get the fish to stay on the hook. I missed about 5 good runs on medium-sized chunks of cut bait. I had the rod propped up on a chair, cause I was on a pier so I couldn't use a bank rod holder, and I had my spool closed but just enough slack so that it would take about 2 cranks of the reel to move the bait. I would get a good run and would just wait until it was running all over the lake with my bobber, and I would slowly pick up the rod, reel in a little slack, and apply steady pressure in the opposite direction the fish was running. When I would finally start reeling there would be nothing on the hook! :angry:

    I only caught one cat tonight, and it was on a nightcrawler on a j-hook. It was the slowest night I've had in a while, but it was still fun cause me and my dad were havin a good ol' time out there.
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    I think that is the best part about fishing, is you having fun?

    I take my Daughter and her boyfriend most of the time and we might not catch anything at all, but I still have a great time just spending time with my daughter?
    If you don't catch anything, don't worry, you get to spend time with your Dad?

    My Dad was never into fishing much, and now he has Alzheimer's and can't go fishing, so I never got to enjoy fishing with my Dad, so enjoy what time you have with your Dad.


  3. Drawout

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    Just try reeling in no pulling of the rod,and when he feels hooked good jerk a little.
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    Make sure when you are baiting your hook that you are leaving a good gap between the shank and the point of the hook. The most common mistake people make with circles is not baiting properly. You may have to down size the baits at times but make sure you run the hook through the bait only one time on bigger baits leaving plenty of hook exposed. If you have to much bait on the hook when it turns to make the corner of the mouth hook set the hook cannot grab and will simply slide on out missing the fish.
    That's one of the reasons I like kahles better, you can wad the bait on there or worm on a whole small shad and set the hook hard and drive the hook through the bait and into the fish. Or you can bait it more like a circle and then let the fish hook itself. Another reason I don't like circles is when you get the corner of the mouth hook up that is a soft part of the mouth and I have had fish simply pull the hook through. When I'm pleasure fishing I have been using 8/0 gamakatsu's and when I miss fish it's not a big deal but when I'm in a tournament it is kahles only for me because they will put fish in the boat. Circles are good hooks if baited and used properly and some of the tournament guy's are using them and swear by them. I may change my opinion one of these day's but I'm not quite there yet:confused2:.
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    Using them IS the problem.:crazy::lol:
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    Make sure your bait is not to big for the hook, and maybe hold the rod and set the hook earlier. I have never had problems with circles.
    Just to a few diffrent variations on what you are doing when the fish starts biting.
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    I gotta agree w/Josh an Johnny. when u put you bait on make sure th fish can get hooked. try puttin th baited hook in your hand an slowly pull, if u get hooked, so will th fish. also, what kind of knot r u using, if u r using th palimar knot, u will miss some strikes, try snelling it, that knot works best for th octopus style circles, palimar knots will work for th rest. also try using a slip bobber, where u will be pullin only the line, as opposed to a fixed bobber. w/a fixed bobber th fish will feel th resistance an let go. these r things i have experienced since i started targeting cats exclusively 3 yrs ago. hope this helps.
  8. Mr.T

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    That's a perfect recipe for missing every fish that bites on a circle hook... Setting the hook is counter productive with circles.

    Put the rod in the rod holder and leave it there till the fish is clearly hooked. Crank the reel quickly a few times, while still in the rod holder, then pick up the rod and reel in your catch.

    The advice to make sure you've got plenty of open gap on your hook should improve your success rate.

    You could also upsize to an 8/0 hook - you'll still catch just about every size of fish that bites and there's a lot more open gap to work with. I've caught fish that weighed less than 1 lb all the way to 65 lbs on the same size hook.
  9. Grumper

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    Like Marty said, I would go to an 8/0. I've never had a problem with this size hook, as It is what i mainly use. I wouldn't even worry about setting the hook. When the rod bends over in your holder, you'll know if he's on or not. Then just pick it up, feel the fish and start reeling. I've had a very high success rate, especially this time of year. I haven't lost very many fish at all on circle hooks.
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    Circle hooks work alot better in a current that in a lake. I hit about 50 to 60 percent on the lake because the fish have time to play with and nibble the bait more so than in the river.

    Keep the line tight in the lake and if they start to nibble, move the bait some. At times this will make the cat grab and run with it.
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    I couldn't have said it better!!!