What About Your Kids??

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    Gonna try something different here. I'm a first time dad at the age of 29! I have a beautiful daughter that has made me mature and see things my wife has wished for years!!! lol She is 18 months old and the pride of our lives!!! Let's start a simple thread, just stating if your a parent, and if you wanna say or talk about your children feel free to do so here. We all know how parents can brag your kids up, this is the place to tell all about your children and their acompolishments as youngsters!!.......rollo:big_smile:
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    Chelyan, West V
    I have 3 kids 2 girls 1 boy.

    The oldest is 11 and I could strangle her most of the time.She is realy good at art.Doesnt like to fish.To pretty wish she was fat and ugly lol.

    Son is 9 likes to fish and hunt as long as it doesnt conatin any big hills.Very smart is on about a 6th 7th grade level of reading and comprehension.Looks just like me poor kid.

    The youngest is the vutest little 6 yr old you will ever see.She is also the devil incarnate.Lives to torment and tease the other two.Loves to fish any time and catches alot of fish more than most of my friends.

    Thats my kids in a nutshell :roll_eyes:

    Also have some pictures on the BOC of the 3.

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    South Cent
    My usual summertime fishing partner is my 8 YO(going on 28) loves to fish for the striper, getting better with the flathead and cat but sometimes its not exciting enough for her (hey when it is time to play in mud and throw rocks, then thats what we do) She does love to catch the gills for bait tho, wich works rather well...... very accomplished fisher girl for her age :wink:. Loves to set here with me and look at all the members photo's. Most of my photo's in the photo section are her and her fish. Great thread Rollo!
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    Jason,I have two kids, My son is grown,23 years old. and has given my wife and I two beautifull grand daughters. My youngest ,is 11 and a girl,though she loves to go hunting and fishin with dad,She loves to go shoppin and do girly stuff with mom too.
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    Kids, mine is mostly grown, married, shakin up or in college. They all three make me proud as can be, and then make me wanna kill em. Even now. But they are doin ok, at least seem to know what they want, and unfortunately think CA is the place to be. I'm sorry they all grew up in CA. I still get their mail, and phone calls from people that are lookin for them.
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    reps to ya randy, pic.s are great! for this thread !!.. I will post my lovely daughter soon....rollo
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    norfolk, va
    i have a beautiful 2 year old daughter but she doesnt live with me. she lives with her mother in illinois.

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    I have two teenage daughters. My oldest is going to the Prom tomorrow night she is so happy cause she got asked to go by a red headed youngman that is 17.My Youngest would fish with me but now she is goin thru a stage where she says she is a girly girl what ever that means. Oldest never has liked fishing. There just two beautiful girls and I'm glad they call me Mom!!:big_smile:
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    Sheridan, Ar
    Well lets see here. I have 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl, one step daughter, a daughter in law and one grandson. David is 20, i am very proud of him, but at times i wanna strangle him also. :smile2: You all know he is in the Army. And of course the only one married. Jessica is a wonderful daughter in law. They gave me a handsome grandson. ( Soon to be nana's and paw paws fishin buddy lol). David caught his first fish at 5. He always liked hunting.
    Shannon aka angelkittys daughter, is 18 still in high school. Miss Attitude. :smile2: good kid , Very gurlie. Patrick is 16. well he use to be a mommas boy. Now he is living with his dad. He has good goals. He is my football player. Still in high school. He likes to hunt and fish. He is a hard worker.
    Rickey 8 yrs old. He is very active. Newton taught him how to trap beavers. we are trying to teach him to have patience while fishing. He cast out and wants to reel back in. :roll_eyes:
    Brittany is 15 yrs old. She is more of a mommas girl. we get her every other weekend. She loves being on the water. She enjoys water sports. She is also a baseball player. ANd very good at it.
    I am proud of all of my kids, But, They can be stinkers too. Kinda like DH, JW And Ol Awshucks. :smile2::smile2::wink::eek:oooh:

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I have 3 sons. 29 and a set of 24 year old twins. As time goes on you will understand why tigers eat thier young! LOL!:wink:
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    Great thread Rollo. I have 2 boys. Austin just turned 5 and has been my fishin' partner a lot since before he was 2. He has seen fish that weighed over twice as much as him, and "helped" catch some of them. I have posted pics of him with fish on here before on other threads and some of you may have seen them. My youngest is Logan and he is almost 11 months old. He has already been for several boat rides but hasn't done any real fishin' yet. Hopefully we'll change that later this year. In my experience being a parent has helped me become a better catfisherman and being a catfisherman helped me become a better parent. Both require lots of patience, and being patient helps you become better at both. The first pic is of Austin and I with a nice blue and the second is of Logan at Christmas. We'll have some fishin' pics on here with him before too long. I look forward to many years of fishin' with my boys.

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    My oldest son is 20...We did everything together untill he was abount 14...I taught him how to play sports, hunt, fish, we were very very close...But like I said when he turned 14 that all changed..He decided friends, and Girls were much more important to him than me...I gave him his space and he ran with it...We probably only talk once every 6 months now, and when we do I can tell he does not really want to talk with me..I am 48 years old, and also have 1 one year old son, I hope he dont ditch the old man like my oldest did.
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    Oklahoma ( Central )
    Daughter, Ronella, 26, her husband Shawn, 27. Son, Chris, 24. All of these have grown up to be what I hoped they would be. OK,,, so that was with wife #1 of 13 years...

    Then comes Wife #2 BTW this May will be 13 years also..Being Step Dad was a whole new ballgame, 2 Boys was part of the package Jason now 33, has turned his life around, and is becoming a respectable person. the younger one 29 years old, just hasn't turned his life around at all.... to put it in one word,,,this part of parenting for me has been a " Battle "
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    BoC's future members ; )

    Ok Rollo you asked for it, LOL

    My daughter Stefani is now 10 years old. She loves horses, reptiles, arts/crafts and fishing. She has been a honor roll student since she started school. Stefani cooks cleans, does laundry, helps her brother with school work, and anything else that needs to be done. She is such a great helper around here, if you need something done Stef has got your back !!! She is the spitting image of her mother and surly just as beautiful. She will not be allowed to date anyone until she is 30 and even then a Pitbull will go with her ; )~

    My son, James Jr is almost 7 now. Jim loves to climb, ride motorcycles/ 4 wheelers, building things out of wood, cook, loves to fight with dad and you guessed it CATFISHING !!! Jim has also been a honor roll student since he started school. Jim is basically like me, just a lot smaller but has a heart just as big. Jim loves to work with me and I can tell already that he will be a perfectionist in whatever he does.

    I gotta say that my youngin's are the most respectful kids I've ever seen. They do everything together..... and never fight. We camp/fish all summer long and I gotta say they do more than their share of work out there. They read their Bible together 3 times a week and have a good religious background. As far as conservation they are the best !!!! Everywhere we fish they always clean the shore line, release fish and observe everything in detail.

    This is Stefani's passion.

    Stef's 2nd passion

    Natures best

    No time to play...gotta catch bait !!!

    Darn cute ain't it ?

    Mess with the bull and you WILL get the horns

    Jim Jr..hell on wheels

    Hard to see but these are student of the month awards from this school year. Both kids have won them already and we hang them up, well, because we are so darn proud of them !!!!!


    Kids pic's of the week. This is where we hang up pictures and also where we mark and date ( on the white trim )how tall the kids are. One pic say's " congratulations 20lbs! " and the other says " Fishing is fun ".

    Thanks for looking at our pic's

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    I have enjoyed reading about every one of your kids.

    I have a stepson, Zach, who is today spending his first full day at FT BRAGG. Also a stepdaughter, Natalie, in college. Both make us proud, most of the time. I married their mother when they were 3 and 6. They were a joy until Nat decided she could not love 2 dads. I still resent that SOB for making her chose. She`s ok now, but it still hurts.

    Sally gave us two of our own, Danika aka Seacatwomangirl, and Mister Lincoln. They are 13 and 12. Dee-O, the first, was born when I was 40.

    D and L are what makes life worth living. Nothing even comes close to having them come to our bedside at bedtime for shnuggles and kisses. Sure hope they don`t distance themselves in their teen years, but time will tell. They are home schooled, so I`m hoping that helps keep us close. At least we can better control who they hang out with. Reckon some of you who have traveled this road could say if I`m being naive.:eek:oooh::roll_eyes:
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  17. olefin

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    Our kids... two girls, 43 and 47. Granddaughters 17 and 24. :smile2:
  18. Kat-tamer

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    I got 3 kids, 1 daughter-in law, 1 grandson, and another grandson on the way. (due 9/11)

    My oldest is 22, Johnny. Married Cortney, great girl. I am almost as close to her as I am my own daughter. They have given me the grand-baby, Wyatt and Waylon is on the way.

    My daughter is 19, Randi. We are really close. To the point where I usually get WAAAYYY too much information from her!:eek:oooh: She looks like me, except bigger boobs, taller and skinnier. I hate her!:smile2:

    My youngest is 10, Coltan. He is the only one left at home to torment me. He loves animals of all kinds, hates to fish, and generally just likes to hang out and watch TV. His favorite hobby is arguing with me and Matt though. His birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and if that kid lives to be 11 it will be a miracle!!!:smile2::wink: He is also a wrestler. Didn't do so well this year, but we're gonna try to go to some camps this summer to improve that.
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    well this outa make the fingers tired lol, i have 6 kids, 5 girls and 1 boy, wendi is the oldest is 26, she is married with 2 daughters riley and elana, she loved softball and fishing when growing up, jodi is 24, she is a registered nurse, loves fishing and softball, she is expecting my 7th grandchild right now, chasity is also 24, has a daughter trinity and a son nathan (the only grandson..so far) she loved all sports and likes to fish still, davey is 23 , has no kids, he played football and baseball , he still fishes once in a while, has a good job and lives alone, liberty is 23 , played all sports and used to like to fish, has 1 daughter sierra, becky is the last one (thank god) she is 19 has a 2 year old daughter haylee, she loved softball and cheerleading, i coached all the girls in softball, local teams plus traveling teams, they placed 5th and 2nd in the state playoffs and won it one year , we ended up playing in missourie and alabama at nationals, all in all a good bunch of kids, 3 done with colege 2 still in whew what a ride so far lol but wouldnt trade them for the world:big_smile: ill post a pic if i can find it
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    I raised a stepson that i aquired when he was 3, his name is jeremy and is now 33 and has 2 kids of his own. Then Jake my oldest came along. He's 22 and last week went to navy boot camp. Jordon is the youngest at 20. He currently resides with ole' pop as living on his own wasn't all he had hoped it would be. I taught them all how to hunt and fish and most importantly how to work and look the world in the eye.