What about your favorite fish story on yourself

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    Well, about 40 years ago when I was just a boy approaching the famous teenage years me, my dad, and my mother were camping at an area lake here in Texas running trotlines in a large cove filled with standing timber. We had a 10 ft. jon boat that we paddled everywhere. My place was in the bow and good ole dad sat in the back with his beer and letting me paddle to the lines. While running the first line it became hooked under a log or limb underwater so I was pulling my little heart out trying to get it to come up. I leaned over and gave it a really good pull and up comes the line. Hooked to one of the drops was a 6 or 7 foot water snake. Now this snake had been underwater for many hours and was dead but you couldn't tell that by what we were doing out there. I was barefooted standing on the sides of this little jon boat and my dad was standing on the back seat. We both had 6 foot oars trying to kill this thing. When you figure a 10 ft. boat and 12 total feet of oars and both of us swinging like a baseball player there was a lot of overlap. We got back to shore with a couple of fish, one badly beat up dead snake, one of my arms didn’t work too well and I had a knot on my head, one of pops shoes was missing and his glasses were broken but he still had his beer in hand. Mom never said a word, she just gave us one of her looks, shook her head and went back to reading her book.

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    I was on a small river earlier this summer. I'd been fishing all night and it was about 10 in the morning. I was getting ready to call it a day and one of my rods takes a dive. The rod was in one of those plastic rod holders and it broke just as I got to the rod. The rod was there floating on top and I just bailed over the side of the boat and grabbed my rod and started reeling. I looked like some crazed trout fisherman, up to my armpits in the water fighting this fish in. I get the fish to me, grab the line to pull it up and find a 10# DRUM on the line. :eek:oooh: I unhooked the fish, cussed him a minute, and threw him back. Climbed back in the boat, soaked to the skin, and realize I went in the water with my phone on my hip, my wallet in my pocket, whole 9 yards. That drum cost me about $50 by the time I got a new phone. I'm still mad at that drum....:sad2: Good Luck!

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    Two years ago I was fishing in a 14' jon boat that I rigged up somewhat like a bass boat. I was back in the feeder creek of a lake in Chandler, Oklahoma and was catching big bass all morning. It was middle of summer and noticed many snakes in the waters. A good snake is one that I can view from at least 20'. I noticed a big female swirling under a overlying tree in the water so I eased my rig that direction to pitch my jig under the tree. My pitch was off by long shot and ended throwing it in the dead tree. I managed to bird nest like I have never used a reel in my life. I trolled over to the tree and reached out to grab my jig when I noticed a snake right above my hand. Well, I freaked out, got tangled in the line, did a ballet move on the top rail (1" wide) and fell in the water. I submerged only to find the snake had fallen in the water beside me because the dead limb had broke. I beat myself and the boat up trying to get back in and couldn't. The boat kept floating away from me and I was freaking out over the stupid snake. I think I might have actually taken a few steps on top of the water before I caught up to the boat and was finally able to hoist myself over the side. I lost my cellphone and new sunglasses somewhere in the water, my wallet took a dip with me and me rod and reel was on the bottom of the creek. I never saw the snake again, which I am sure he was just as terrified as I was. At least that is what I like to think. It took me 20 minutes of dragging the creek with a weight and treble hook to find my rig only to find the worst bird nest I have ever seen. I could probably let my seven year old cast and he would not make that big of mess. Looking back on it is actually comical but it did not feel that way at the time.
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    A few years back I was crappie fishing , and using the trolling motor to move to a new tree. I was trailing my minnow in the water, to keep him alive, when I got a savage strike . By the time I set the hook, and fought the trolling motor into submission, I had broken my brand new ultra-lite.