What about the Ogeechee River?

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    Meldrim, Ga.
    any one ever do catfishing in the Ogeechee River around the I-16 to Morgans Bridge landing? Live in Effingham County, I know the water level makes it tough at times, just looking for inof. so I can take the kids and get them hook on fishing and not os much on video games! Want to get them outside more!
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    Welcome to the BOC Ricky!

    My wife and I haven't fished the Ogeech that far south. We used to put in up near the 301 bridge up in Bulloch. The really low water level along with all the hazards in that low water (and the 9.9hp restriction) put a stop to us going in that river.

    We've never catfished in the Ogeech either, but if you're wanting your kids to have fun grab some ultralight gear, a cricket bucket, a few dozen crickets and some small lures/plugs and let them have a blast! That river is LOADED with all sorts of lively bream! We could catch 50 or more in a few hours when we went! It's nowhere near as fun as catching a decent sized cat, but they won't be bored! :wink:

    Good luck...
    - Marty -