What about after a river exceeds its banks, still fish ?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Montgomery, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Montgomery

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    everyone saying to fish the river on a rise. but what do you all do when the river is just flatt movin? and it well exceds the banks. do people still get out when the river is so high you cant boat it or possibly fish in the current. and the bank you fish from, you cant get with in 100 yards of it . do you just fish the fields and stuff it floods into. where the water is clam???
  2. FlashGordon

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    Haven't done it myself, but my wife used to go to the back of our pasture if the creek was out and could catch a few cat. And around of couple of small rivers nearby, I've seen bunches of people fishing the highway ROW for cat. So I guess it's good for bank fishing.

  3. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    i find it a good time to stay home with a few beers.lol really though i have foud that they have way too much food and territory to catch consistantly. all the way up to the flood stage is great fishing though.

    good luck
  4. CountryHart

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    If ya catch it when the sloughs an woods first start flooding it's time to trotline. Fish move into the woods and feed on crawdads an worms. Please take the time to remove your tackle because hooks suspended in trees make it tough on a man ridin a 4 wheeler or coon huntin at nite.
  5. kscathunter

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    i totally agree ive tried it a few times ive even stacked on 10-15 oz to fish under a bridge in the main channel when it was floooooded no good. its better to wait till it gets back in its banks and hit it hard because its like last call at the bar, the rivers heading down and the fish know their gonna have to head for a hole (new or old) soon time to eat, also less room for them to roam.
  6. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    I do some of my best fishing in high rising water. I prefer flood stage over pool anytime here on the Ohio. As a matter of fact the last time I caught any fish of numbers or size was back in May when the Ohio was muddy. Only one thing , you need to run in the day so you can see the tree, barns and mobile homes coming at you. Also it helps to anchor along the bank where there is an eddy and where you have protection from trees or something rigid up river. Besides the fish are going to be along the bank where these eddies are formed or right at the edge of them on a current break. Vern
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    When the river's flooding, fish the flooded brush and fields. Green grassy fields can sometimes be the best, because the cats are eating the worms that come out of the soggy ground. There's a ball field just below the hwy. 7 bridge at Dardanelle, and a few years ago, when the river was flooding, guys were standing in knee deep water in the outfield catching cats.