What a saturday night!

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    Saturday evening around 7:15pm my buddy called and ask me, Are you busy? I said, no, why? He said right now? I said no, Why? Whats wrong? You ok? He said the National Wild Turkey Federation was having a banquet tonight and invited me to come down and eat for free. I took him up on the deal. We had been home for a few hours and I had slept for two. Wife was asleep. I didnt wake her. I took a quick shower, grabbed 200.00 of her money as I didnt have time to go by the atm. And headed about 20 miles down the road. When I got there I bought $140.00 dollars worth of raffle tickets. Had the meal, passed out a few taxidermy business cards and the FUN started. The first ticket drawn was mine! I won the "grand slam"! They said I could chose anything that was going to be auctioned off later on in the auction.
    I chose,
    "A brothers prayer". Framed, it is probably close to 4 foot square!
    You should really checkout this print at http://www.jackpaluh.com/ This will look awesome in my taxidermy studio.

    Then the last thing they raffled off came down to me and a fella right across from me, Which was the gentleman that invited me, son .. It was a 2008 GUN OF THE YEAR FROM THE NWTF - WEATHERYBY 300 rifle! Now I got to go to the gun store Tuesday and fill the paper work out to receive it! Yep, I won it! It has on it the NWTF logo and some other stuff. I do know I was offered $1000.00 for it before I left!

    What a night!
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    Congrats Teddy. That was a super win. Bet your glad you went for sure.

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    That is just great and it's an AWESOME print, probably worth a lot more than 140 bucks! John went and bought the medallion collection at one once and it now hangs in our living room

    He lied of course and said he won it but the tag on the back had the price he paid on it. LMBO!!! :smile2::smile2:

    It's a great addition to our home though and has medallions from 1976 through 2004 on it. If I ever get the money to spend I'd like to update it but DO NOT tell him.

    Glad you went and had a good time!:cool2:
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    Great print indeed! You did mighty fine attending that event!
    Bill in SC
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    Teddy congrats on a great win. That gun will grow in value each day.
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    Congrats on the great luck Teddy. we are envious :wink: